1 Welcome to the Tower Defense Survival!

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"The Tower Defense Survival that happens once every 20 years is about to begin!"

"The number of participating countries is 237, which accounts for 98% of the total countries!"

"Tower Defense Survival will be broadcast live in the airspace of various cities, as well as on various media websites."

"There are ten minutes to go before this game that concerns the fate of the countries starts. Keep your eyes open!"


In a normal-sized rented room.

Pierce opened his eyes dazedly.

The continuous broadcast on the television constantly reminded him that he had transmigrated!

He was in a country called M.

The Tower Defense Survival game that was broadcast on television was a war that changed the fate of the countries once every twenty years!

A hundred contestants would be randomly selected from every country to fight for survival in the Tower Defense game.

The resources obtained by the participants inside would be manifested in their respective country by a hundred times.

Similarly, if the Tower Defense failed and a monster was released into the city, ten thousand similar monsters would appear in the country.

Therefore, every twenty years on this Planet Blue, the situation of the world would undergo a huge upheaval.

Take Pierce's current Country M for example. It was a large country that had undergone countless changes.

During the last Tower Defense Survival, Country M had almost lost everything. Now, they were starting to decline towards a small country.

If they failed to win this time's Tower Defense Survival, what awaited them was the destruction of civilization.

Just as Pierce was taking in the host's memories, a burning sensation radiated from the back of his hand.

He took a look. It was an M-shaped symbol representing his country.

Good lord!

I just transmigrated and am already chosen by the Tower Defense Survival?

Pierce froze.

At this moment, a mechanical voice sounded in his mind.

[The Global Tower Defense Game is about to begin!]

[Congratulations to Country M: Contestant Pierce has joined the Tower Defense Survival game!]

[The game has officially begun. Please remember your mission: Survive!]

"This… is ridiculous!"

Before Pierce could finish, a white light enveloped his body and he disappeared from his room.

When he opened his eyes again, Pierce was already inside a small stone house.

Immediately afterward, a white screen appeared before his eyes.

[Player: Pierce]

[Representing: Country M]

[Tower Defense Level: None]

[Mission: Survive in the Tower Defense!]

Game panel?

As a hardcore gamer, Pierce naturally recognized it at a glance.

From the looks of it, he represented Country M as a player in this Tower Defense game.

He had just transmigrated and was forced to join the game. Wasn't this making things difficult for him?

But since it was a Tower Defense, where was the tower?

Was he supposed to guard this small stone house?

Pierce composed himself, then stood and walked to the door, ready to check the situation.

At this moment!

[When you open the door, this Tower Defense game will officially begin.]

A row of golden words floated across his line of sight.

It was completely different from the character panel.

Pierce blinked and focused on the door again.

The floating golden words appeared once again.

"Is this… a hint?"

Pierce looked thoughtful.

Is this a mechanism in the Tower Defense Survival?

He opened the door.

What appeared in front of him was a crystal shining with a dark blue light.

The crystal sat in the middle of the courtyard.

The surroundings were shrouded in mist, making it impossible to see them clearly.

[The crystal in front of you can teleport you to the city you are guarding. It is the only way to leave this place.]

Then Pierce looked around at the fog.

[There is something in the fog that is a great threat to life. It is advised not to touch it.]

How was this any different from cheating?

Pierce thought to himself as he watched the golden words float away.

Following the prompt, he came to the crystal and placed his hand on it.

The dim light began to spread along Pierce's arm until it consumed his entire body.

[Congratulations to Country M player, Pierce. You have officially activated the Tower Defense Survival!]

[For this survival, there are more than two hundred participating countries. A hundred players will be selected from each country as representatives to enter the game.]

[The survival of the contestants will be broadcast live to the public.]

[The players need to defend their cities from the invasion of other cities and unknown creatures. Once the city is destroyed, the corresponding country will suffer 10,000 times more damage!]

[If the defense of the city fails, every creature released into the city will appear in the country they represent after an increase of 10,000 times!]

[The death of a player will reduce the lifespan of all the lifeforms in the respective country by 1]

[The Tower Defense Survival game from another dimension has officially begun!!]

[All contestants, please get ready!]

At that moment, Pierce received another message from the Tower Defense Survival.

[Detected that Country M's contestants are not matched in number. Compensation is underway…]

Country M's contestants' numbers were not matched??

Before Pierce could react, the entire Planet Blue exploded.

The moment Pierce activated the crystal, all the major media websites on Planet Blue were occupied by these words. At the same time, there was a live-stream that couldn't be removed.

As the rules were released, there was a short silence after which there was a huge commotion.

Countless posts related to this game swept across the internet.

The Tower Defense Survival that happened once every twenty years had officially begun!

At that moment, in all the cities, a huge light screen appeared in the sky.

The familiar rules, the familiar interface, and the familiar live-stream.

However, what they brought was a mess of emotions. Fear, excitement, surprise,…

All sorts of posts were being transmitted around the internet like crazy.

Some feared that their country would be invaded by monsters.

Some were happy that their small country could finally turn the tables.

The world's structure was going to change again!

And the cause of all this was the participants who participated in the Tower Defense Survival!

Their every move represented the safety of their own country!


Accompanied by the excitement of the world, the relevant departments of various countries also began to discuss strategies for the game that could affect the rise and fall of the countries.

Just as countless people were going crazy.

In the azure sky, an image appeared on the gigantic screen!

It was a huge live-stream that was similar to the live-stream in the media.

The ultra-clear image reflected the faces of each country's players.

There were more than twenty thousand contestants on the screen, and the flags of their respective countries were displayed below them.

The entire world was in an uproar.

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