32 The Reinforcements From Country M.

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The moment they thought of these things, the fear on their faces slowly dissipated.

Everyone had witnessed Pierce's strength. He had always won first place in every round!

This gave everyone a notion that Pierce was invincible!

They began to retreat. Their attacks, which had been growing fiercer, had now become especially conservative.

Now all they had to do was wait for Pierce's rescue.

The dark zombies roared in the clearing.

A huge creature was hanging from a tree branch, its blood-red eyes staring fixedly at the group of prey that was constantly resisting.

The leopard's face broke into a sly grin. It was the expression of a hunter looking at his prey.

When everyone thought that their country G was going to perish in the hands of this level 4 monster which had suddenly appeared, their captain Zenus gave them a glimmer of light.

It was the hope of survival.

All the contestants from Country G looked at the dark zombies vigilantly.

The elemental arrow towers on the high walls were fully activated by the remaining female players.

The arrows carried a trace of lightning, killing a dark zombie with each arrow. Those ordinary level 3 dark zombies could not resist at all.

The only source of danger was that hiding level 4 creature!

That creature had the attributes of a cat. It liked to release its prey before capturing them again.

After this went on a few times, Country G, which originally had ninety or so people, now had about fifty.

Time gradually passed.

Two hours had passed since Pierce's result was announced. The next winner still did not appear.

This also meant that the players from other countries were facing a life and death struggle.


In the forest.

Pierce, who was moving with Vivier, looked at the radar in his hand.

Country G's city was located far away from where they were.

They still had about seven hundred meters to go now.

Not far away, a snowy mountain was enshrouded in a large cloud of black mist which was most likely the dark zombies.

Vivier shook free of Pierce's hand.

She looked at the distant mountain with a calm expression, unlike the griffin that was screaming incessantly.

These level 4 creatures had both sensed what was going on in this land.

"A level rank creature…"

Pierce smiled.

He had even killed level 5 creatures, so what was there to be afraid of this tiny level 4 creature?

Not to mention, he had a battle angel protecting him.

A mythical growth type creature was not something ordinary level 4 creatures could compare to.

Without further thought, Pierce quickly led the way toward the high mountain.

After about ten minutes, they finally passed through the forest and arrived at the foot of the mountain.

The entire mountain was precipitous, and wild plants were growing all over the mountain.

Country G's city was located at the top of this mountain, about 300 meters from the ground.

How were they supposed to climb up?

Pierce was feeling a little troubled when Vivier reached out and held his hand.

Under Pierce's shocked gaze, a pair of huge wings formed out of thin air behind her. The feathers that fell shone with golden light.

It looked extremely gorgeous.

Vivier then wrapped her arms around Pierce's body, and before he could react, her feet left the ground.

Huge golden wings flapped in the sky, and strong winds swept up dust from the ground.

This was the correct usage of the divine power of the battle angel! With their omnipotent divine power, they were able to create all sorts of weapons or tools.

It was extremely convenient.

Not to mention that it belonged to the light element that was the nemesis of dark elements.

One slash was enough to split the dark creatures into half.

Pierce fastened the AK47 on Vivier's petite body.

He had no choice. He couldn't use this gun at all. Without a strong physique, he did not even have the qualifications to fire this gun.

Just like when he had shot the dark cavalier. When he pulled the trigger, he was sent flying by the recoil.

The aim had also shifted and hit a tree at the side.

Helpless, Pierce could only give this gun to Vivier, a level 4 battle angel.

Vivier flew faster and faster in the sky.

The city hidden in the mist came into sight.

The originally clean and white city walls were now covered in all kinds of blood.

Pierce could even see broken limbs and remains that had been torn apart by monsters.

He felt nauseated. This was the first time he saw dead humans after entering the Tower Defense world!

After all, he had been playing alone.

Fortunately, he now had a humanoid battle angel accompanying him.

"Look! The reinforcements are here!"

"Boss Pierce, come quickly!"

"Welcome, Big Boss Pierce!"

"We're saved. Boss Pierce, who cleared Hell Mode, has come to save us!"

Pierce, who was flying in the sky, was discovered by the people on the ground. After all, the wings that Vivier had condensed with her divine power were simply too dazzling.

Even the fallen feathers were like falling stars.

It was dazzling and gorgeous!

Under the cheers of the crowd, Pierce and Vivier gradually landed on the city wall.

The injured Zenus hurried over to greet Pierce.

Since he had lost his left hand, he could only use his right hand to shake Pierce's hand in a friendly gesture.

Sensing the arm that was unable to control strength properly, Pierce finally recognized the identity of the person in front of him.

Country G's participant leader!


He was Pierce's first ally!

The two of them exchanged simple greetings. Under the grateful gazes of the people around him, Pierce accepted the information that Country G's intelligence crews had organized.

It was related to the level 4 creature.

There was a portrait of a level 4 creature inside. It had quite a strong presence. In a short while, Pierce finished reading the report.

Firstly, based on its appearance, it was simply a hodgepodge of creatures from Planet Blue!

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