4 The Correct Way to Play the Tower Defense

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At the Blossoms Tower Defense Camp.

A tall city wall stood in the middle of the desert.

Everything was in order with the hundred Blossoms Country citizens on the city wall being allocated different tasks.

A short man standing on the city wall giving orders laughed disdainfully as he looked at the mist rising into the sky.

He was very lucky. This was his second time participating in the Tower Defense game.

With his experience, he naturally became the leader here.

"Remember, in a moment, Team 1 will be responsible for the long-range assistance on the city wall. Team 2 will go down and engage in melee combat."


Not only Blossoms Country, over 200 other countries also entered a combat state.

Except for Country M.

Following the black fog, thick ink-like darkness appeared 300 meters in front of Pierce!

As the black mist spread, the hundred or so zombies were approaching the tall city wall.

Seeing this, Pierce immediately chose to fuse the energy stone with the arrow tower.

A red light emerged from the stone and enveloped the arrow tower that was as tall as a person.

[Fire element energy stone+arrow tower = fire elemental automatic arrow tower!]

Immediately after, an arrow made of flames suddenly condensed on the originally empty arrow tower.

The heat distorted the surrounding air.

This… no need to load arrows?!

After fusing with the arrow tower, the stone did not disappear. There was still a lot of energy left.

Before long, Pierce saw the stats panel of the fire elemental arrow Tower.

[Fire Elemental Automatic Arrow Tower]

[Level: Level 3 Magic Weapon]

[Element: Fire]

[Attack Power: 50 (Normal Arrow Tower's Attack Power: 5-10)]

[Evaluation: Congratulations on creating the first elemental weapon. It is a memorable achievement!]

[Obtained Title: The correct way to play the Tower Defense!]

The stats panel turned into light particles and dissipated in the air.

However, the hint appeared again.

[In this world, the fire element suppresses dark elements. Coincidentally, the disgusting zombies in the black fog are the products of darkness.]

The pervasive black fog was also getting closer. Without further thought, Pierce placed the arrow tower in the middle of the city.

A burning arrow automatically condensed on the arrow tower.

Sparks flew in the air.

This was the fire elemental arrow tower's ammunition!

[Fire Arrow]


The sound of something breaking through the air rang out. The arrow carried a wave of fiery light as it shot into the black mist.

The leading dark zombie was hit. The burning arrow penetrated his body.

The painful howls gradually subsided as its body turned into white mist.

Seeing this, the other zombies went into a riot.

In their eyes, there was no fear of death.

They only had one goal now.

That was to capture this city and devour Pierce!

Pierce, who had witnessed the power of the arrow tower, smiled at the stone in his hand.

Meanwhile, in the broadcast room on Planet Blue.

Viewers from all over the world were mixed in Pierce's live stream.

Other countries had also begun to resist the first wave of monsters.

Some were responsible for controlling the arrow towers on the city walls while others were fighting the monsters outside the city.

The participants had already been suppressed in terms of numbers.

On Pierce's side, due to the Tower Defense's error, everyone was very interested in Pierce, who was participating alone.

When they saw the arrow tower that had suddenly burst into flames in front of Pierce, people from other countries began to mock him.

"Is this compensation from the Tower Defense? It's like a joke."

"It's just an arrow with flames. Look, he's still smiling."

"Just wait for death. Your Country M is really doomed this time!"

"Brothers, is there anyone who wants to change their nationality? I have a discount here!"

At this moment, even the audience from Country M, who were watching the live broadcast, looked upset.

"The compensation given by the Tower Defense is useless."

"F*ck, why are you all shouting here!? If it weren't for the fact that there was only one of us, and if there were a normal number of participants, we would see whose country would be destroyed!"

Countless people started commenting.

If Country M had a hundred people, who would be afraid of these trashes!

Everyone protested against the game.

But what use was that?

Just as everyone on the screen was about to explode, the next scene stunned them.

The burning arrow was fired.

It made a soft sound in the air, leaving only sparks.

And then struck the dark zombie wrapped with vines…

An arrow pierced through its chest!?

Everyone in the world knew those creatures in the black fog.

This was because all the relevant knowledge about Tower Defense was recorded in elementary school textbooks.

They were stunned because they knew about them.

In the textbooks, in order to better understand the unknown creatures of other dimensions, the World Conference divided them into different levels.

From level one to level nine respectively.

A level one creature required five youths to deal with. It was an unknown creature of the lowest level.

Above them were creatures with special powers.

Like the dark zombies Pierce was fighting against.

That was a group of level three creatures!

Ordinary arrow towers had no effect on them. Only fire arrows could do some minor damage to them.

However, this was not like Pierce's arrow tower, where one arrow turned it into dust!?

Isn't this a little ridiculous?

They knew about the zombies and had even resisted them many times. It could be said that they were extremely troublesome creatures.

The arrow towers were useless. They could only hold the torches and fight outside the walls.

Basically, they would lose at least half of their men after defeating the dark zombies.

But what did they see now?

Were the terrifying creatures recorded in the books so easily destroyed by a fire arrow?

What a joke.

Isn't the compensation given by the Tower Defense too strong?

At this moment, Pierce did not know that the audience had already treated his fire elemental arrow tower as compensation from the Tower Defense.

They had fought in Tower Defense for hundreds of years, but they still had not found the correct way to play it.

To be honest, Pierce wanted to laugh too.

The fire elemental arrow tower in the center kept firing. Every shot would take away a roaring zombie.

It was like a harvester.

Pierce did not stay idle either. He used up all the fire elemental energy in the stone and created three more fire elemental arrow towers.

They were arranged in order on top of the city gate.

While the arrow towers harvested the zombies, Pierce glanced at the live stream.

To be honest, it was too difficult for him, who had just transmigrated, to represent the country to take part in the Tower Defense.

"What the f*ck???"

"I protest! Why does Country M have such weapons and we don't!"

"Previous poster, f*ck you. Why don't you say that we are alone!?"

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