9 Dealing in the World Channel!

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Dawn broke through the dark sky, and light shone on the land once again.

Pierce squinted at the rising sun.

Then he realized that he had not rested for a day and a night.

This could not go on.

Based on his current mobility, Pierce's physical strength was not enough to support him in resisting the invasion.

Pierce patted the little griffin that kept flying beside him.

Under the little guy's unsatisfied aqua blue eyes, he yawned leisurely.

He placed his damp clothes on the arrow tower to dry them.

It would be a pity not to dry his clothes in such bright weather.

After putting his clothes away, Pierce entered the master bedroom in the city.

This was his first time here.

The big bedroom, the soft red bed… everything looked so wonderful.

Pierce couldn't take it anymore and collapsed onto the bed.

His muddled brain was finally released.

His tense body gradually relaxed.


12:10 p.m.

Pierce opened his eyes.

The symbol on his arm had been ringing non-stop since earlier.

Did someone send me another message?

Pierce opened the chat box.

[World Chat Channel]

[Country C: Moser]: World chat channel, why didn't this thing appear before?

[Country H: Ga Guk Ran]: God knows. I just want to know the situation in Blossoms Country.

[Blossoms Country: Sasaki Chichiro]: None of your business!

[Country Y: Cookula]: F*ck, you are gay!

[Blossoms Country: Miyamura Kurorate]: Don't go overboard, Country Y.


World chat channel?

At that moment, Pierce suddenly realized that he had a piece of information he had yet to check.

[Dawn has arrived. In order to better survive in this world, the world chat channel is officially opened.]

To better survive in this world…

Pierce froze.

Then, as if realizing something, a drop of cold sweat rolled down his forehead.

According to the records on Tower Defense.

Every time the monsters attacked the city, their levels would not exceed level three.

Even the level six monster had only appeared once.

And now, did this mean that… the city would be attacked by monsters beyond level 3!

It looked like he needed to set up some traps.

Pierce filtered through the useless messages on the chat channel and finally realized that there was no useful information at all.

However, seeing that they were talking about the production of stone spears and arrow towers, Pierce realized.

Perhaps the other countries had yet to discover the existence of energy stones!

Many countries were still unarmed.

Pierce was amused.

In terms of weapons, he was definitely ahead of other countries.

Just then a message caught Pierce's eye.

[Country X: Tesky]: Brothers, do you have information on level-three zombies?

[Country X: Tesky]: I'll buy it for 30 Tower Defense points!

Tower Defense points?

It was then that Pierce noticed a value in the lower left corner of his sight.

Tower Defense Points: 150

[Remarks: The Tower Defense point is a virtual currency obtained from killing creatures.]

[You can purchase daily necessities and various weapons at the Tower Defense store.]

30 Tower Defense points.

From the looks of it, this guy was a straightforward person.

Then, Pierce sorted out the information about the level-three zombie in his mind and sent it to the platform.

[Country M: Pierce]: Selling information on level-three dark zombies.

[Blossoms Country: Sasaki Umeto]: Are you Pierce, the lone contestant??

[Country X: Tesky]: Thank you, boss! Money has been sent over!

Within half an hour.

While Pierce was reading, this casually collated information had been downloaded more than twenty times.

This meant that more than 20 people paid for the information.

He took another look at the bottom left corner and saw that he had over 750 points.

Pierce's deal caused a heated discussion in the chat.

The information about level-three zombies wasn't the cause of the commotion.

Almost everyone had read that kind of information when they were in school. It just wasn't as detailed as Pierce had written it.

What really surprised them was…

This man was actually the big boss who guarded Country M alone and even got an S-rank rating!

This also indirectly proved the strength of Pierce's current city.

In the Tower Defense world, everyone understood one thing.

Strength was the foundation of everything.

All of a sudden, the various countries' players' comments flooded the chat channel.

[Country K: Gura]: Boss, can I ask how you stopped 100 level-three zombies by yourself?

[Country K: Zese]: Our country's comment box is flooded with discussions about you. It's too shocking.

[Country O: Kukulski]: Boss is awesome.

"Boss is awesome!"

"Boss is awesome!"

Meanwhile, in the broadcast room.

Everyone was amused by Pierce's confused expression.

"Looks like Big Boss Pierce doesn't know that his reputation has spread all over the world."

"Those people from Blossoms Country are making me laugh."

"Good brother, hurry up and cross d*cks!!"

"The ten thousand giant scorpions in Blossoms Country have been cleared just recently, but most of the buildings are ruined now!"

"How tragic, hahahaha…"

"Let's not talk about other things. With the alliance with Country G, we have a higher chance of winning this time."

"I hope we can defend the city walls this time!"


On the other side, Pierce, who had gained a lot, was shopping with his large number of Tower Defense points.

Due to the lack of nutritional supplies for a long time, Pierce could not hold back from spending.

He spent a hundred Tower Defense Points and ordered a sumptuous lunch.

Pierce and the griffin began sweeping the table.

More than half of it went into the griffin's stomach.

After eating and drinking, it was time to prepare the traps.

The World Chat channel was still bustling with activity.

After all, there was no gap between them other than the different nationalities.

They could chat freely.

Pierce closed the chat box after reading the situation in each country.

With the little griffin, the man and the beast arrived at the city wall.

The four fire elemental arrow towers were ready.

Any beast that dared to approach this place would be vaporized by an arrow.

Pierce grinned at the empty space before him.

He patted the little griffin that was circling around him and said softly, "I'll have to rely on you!"

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