219 You smell like coffee

"Malachi! What are you doing?" 

He was carrying her and she was already so embarrassed. At least she should have the decency not to act out of control in a public place. And her scent...oh! Could everyone smell her? 

"What happened?" Nako was worried as she met them in the hall. Ravina just looked away, wishing to disappear. 

"Nothing. She is just a little dizzy." 

"I will bring water." Ravina could hear the sound of her footsteps fading and Malachi proceeded to carry her to her room. 

"Don't worry. Your scent is normal now," he assured. 

Was it? Because her body still felt... funny. Sensitive. Tingling. She could still feel his touch everywhere. From what she had read, the pleasure was intense but she didn't think it would be so intense she would lose control over her limbs. 


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