333 The Wedding (part 2) THE END

Chanan's voice was warm and inviting as he prompted them, "You may now exchange your vows, a testament of your love and commitment, a promise for your future together."

Malachi stood resolutely, his hands gently cradling Ravina's. She wondered if he had written his vows or if he would speak from memory. What would he have written? What would he say? She was very curious to know as her heart pounded with every breath she took. Her hold on his hands tightened and he gave her a gentle squeeze. 

Then began, his voice steady and filled with emotion, "From the highest peaks of ancient mountains to the hidden depths of mystical caverns, my heart has yearned for a flame that echoes its own. In you, I have discovered more than a flame; I have found an inferno. As the Dragon King, I have journeyed through realms both seen and unseen, yet, in you, I unearth a treasure beyond compare.


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