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Only four chapters down and it enraptured me✨ From the writing quality to the world background, everything is amazing. But the character design has my whole heart. The way that Malachi is, bitter and sarcastic, vengeful and a tad bit sadistic, he makes my heart throb lol 😆 but really. Then there is Ravina. She is what they call a strong female lead, is quiet and cold, somewhat detached but when her family is mentioned, one can see her ire. She has flaws, her impulse is one of them. She knew she could get killed if she approached him but when her sister was mentioned, she just didn't care about the consequences. But her flaws make her real and more beautiful Also, that part when she asks him whether they use human females as breeding tools, or mate with them. And he comes up with–Do you want to be one? That cracked me up lol And I love the information about her father's inventions. It's evidently visible that the author has put efforts into it and it blends a bit with the world background, adding a modern touch to it in some sense. It's unique Loving this couple already while looking forward to more of this great steamy enemies-to-lovers♥ [Wrote a review after ages I guess. I hope my skills haven't gone rusty haha ;)]

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🐉 It’s not just flames to watch out for here but verbal daggers between the ML& FL‼️ There is overwhelming pain & prejudice to overcome before they can even see any value in each other; but that’s where Jasmine’s magical writing skills come in ~ to tease & tantalize her readers with another fabulous tale ( or tail🐉) 🖤


I always find it difficult to review a book at the beginning. But, I know the importance of reviews for the authors. So, at this point I can say a few things. One, solely based on my reading history with author Jasmine Josef I can attest with conviction this will be a great book. I will further that by saying anyone who does not read this book will miss out on a very good book. I chose to read this book because I have read or am reading other books by her. She does not disappoint! I didn’t even read the synopsis, because her previous work is so good, there was no question I would read this book. So, I dove right in. With 14 chapters completed, so far I look forward with anticipation to each chapter as it is released. I recommend any book she has written, is writing, or for that matter will write! ♥️♥️♥️


I have always looked up to you and its for a huge reason - the way you write don't fail to bring us to new worlds and meet amazing new characters. This book is surely another masterpiece from you. 💖💖💖 I look forward to the story of King Malachi and Princess Ravina, how they will fall in love and how they will settle the war between their races, and so much more. 💖💖💖 All the best for your book this WSA 2022, and I hope you win gold. You deserve it a lot 💖💖💖


I usually don’t write book reviews this early, but even just based on the synopsis and chapter 1, and what I know of Jasmine’s other books: this will be a complicated story that will leave me wanting more after every chapter. Can our leads overcome their inbred hatred of each others’ races? I can’t wait to find out! Great work so far, Jasmine!


Excellent start! Every work from Jasmine is stunning! Already I am sticked to HOD, and still can't forget Married to the devil's son, despite its ending! And here comes the next one, no need to wonder, this will haunt me like the remaining stories too!! Keep going Jasmine! Lots of love 💕


The special thing about Jasmin's books are that it has both the cohesion and resonance. This author writes great stories that stay with us forever. I write this review after reading 3 chapters of Touch of Flame. I can say that this book too will become a great story and it will stay with me forever. Undoubtedly, Jasmine is the most talented author here. So what are you all waiting for guys? Read this book. You will definitely be amazed...


I'm so excited about this book. Knowing Jasmine's style this will be a great story. Could it be " Romeo and Juliet" reinvented with a dragon-shifter as the leading male?! I'm here to see where the story takes us and I'm really excited for it!!!!


Trying to find a good read is like finding a needle in a haystack. When I stumbled upon this story I fell in love instantly. The characters are perfect and story development is on point its stays at this pace where you are on the edge of your seat wanting more. Most of the stories I began reading I got bored with they all end up the same. Touch of Flame is my current favorite. I find myself checking the app multiple times a day for new updates. It's that good you should give it a go.


This is my favorite Author of All Time! She writes great characters with amazing abilities! I love every chapter i have read! Keep up the good work! You will be a famous author soon!


Jasmines beautiful words have me hooked again! So far, I am enjoying this new world. I love how outgoing the FL is and can’t wait to learn more about the other characters. I already feel like there is more going on than what we’ve learned in a short period of time. I can’t wait for more!!!


well, I did not read it yet but I know it's gonna be a BOP because it's from my fav author. So excited....bye bye gonna read it now..........


I feel like the more I read this book, the more I'm dying inside due to the crazy, heart aching cliffhangers on each chapter. I'm always like just write a thousand chapters already. Touch Of Flame is just so good. Sometimes I feel it is underrated like...how could a book be so good to that extent and not be the No.1 trending? Like just... I'm speechless. I like Jasmine's writing style. She writes adequate narration and dialogues, everything is just so balanced. Touch Of Flame is the only novel that keeps me less bored, no boring part at all. Besides, she is really rocking the Dragon theme. She is creating a new, different phase of fantasy romance. This book deserves more than a gold trophy(*❛‿❛)→🏆


So far the best most intriguing story I have ever read, the slow burn and flames is getting to we readers, I love it, the writing quality, background scene, next phase all interesting, especially turning enemies to lovers, oh I can't wait, destiny must prevail. Touch of flame is a must read for all story lovers like me.. Muah(Kisses!). Thanks Author Jasmine.


The HARDEST time I have EVER had writing a review for a story because words fall short to describe how absolutely overwhelmingly AMAZING it truly is. The pace has been extremely impressive, each chapter leaves you with a complete sense of gleefulness yet a hunger that can not be sated at the same time because the story is SO GREAT. The characters are all very well written and interesting. The ML & FL have a dark storm brewing between them with just the right amount of fire. All interactions between them are filled with intensity and passion whether they are hiding it internally or letting it out even at their darkest moments. Jasmine as an author can place enchantments on her readers with the types of stories she creates. We are all under her spell and we never want the bewitchment to end.


This is the third "set" of books I have read by this author, and her writing style is much more developed and mature than most titles available on this and other platforms. Her characters are well fleshed out, emotionally mature, multidimensional people, which drives their reasoning and actions. Inter-character relationships are emotionally complex and compelling. Jasmine leans towards what some might call slow burn, and the payoff is always worth the wait. I have never seen an author more skilled at writing "intimate scenes", either in ebook or indeed print - while many authors end up with clumsy or cringey attempts, often due to out of place or character language/terminology, Jasmine is the master of build up, sensuality, and giving you enough tantalising detail to fill in the rest in the way that only your own imagination can. I loved her second series "Heart of Darkness", and from what I have read of Touch of Flame so far it's been just as compelling, if not moreso. I can't wait to see more!


This author, Jasmine Josef, is fertile with ideas that make her stories the best i’ve read in e-books. She tells her stories with finesse when it comes to desires and actions of the ML and FL. Also, they are fastenating personalities you can relate to. I love to read their thoughts not only their actions. One isn’t depressed over hopelessness but the story carries a lot of tension making one eager to read more. In other words this story of fantasy romance is a page turner! For mature readers.


Okay, this is the first review I'm ever writing.😅 Jasmine's books are truly exceptional, the interactions between the main leads are hot! The composition of this story is leaving me wanting more...the plots, twist and character development are all entrapping me,🤩 this is the kind of book I love to read. The author has this ability to combine different genres that fit perfectly in a story, from the other books of hers I have read I can proudly vouch for this book knowing it's going to surpass my expectations. keep up the good work Author!


I’m completely captivated by this book already. The FL is quite bold, outspoken and witty, which is really refreshing. She also seems pretty head strong and I’m look forwarding to seeing that icy facade melted by literal flames of desire 🔥.


this book is 🔥 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥from the characters to the plot it is top notch. Jazz u are the lady that u think you are❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤🧡🧡🧡🧡❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤🤍🤍🤍🤍💯💯💯💯