221 Ready to fight

It was very satisfying for Ravina to peel the top layer of Malachi's skin and see the glowing one appearing from underneath. She knew he could do this himself but he just wanted to tease her and she played along. 

She walked around where he sat on the large rock to peel the skin on his chest. She had to walk against the waves of the river, which turned her feet cold but it didn't bother her. For the past few days, she had been feeling hot. 

Ravina didn't know what she found more pleasurable and satisfying, seeing his chest or peeling the skin? It was as if she was taking off his clothes. 

"Don't stare at me." She said as he kept watching her while she peeled his skin off. 

"You are right in front of me. Do you want me to close my eyes?" 

"Yes." She replied just like that, thinking that he wouldn't do it anyway, but he leaned back on his arms and closed his eyes. 


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