220 More clues

  "Will Nazneen be alright? She has her tournament tomorrow." Ravina said as they ate dinner. 

Malachi wondered too. He wasn't fond of the other families and didn't look forward to their complaints, so he needed Nazneen to win. This came at the wrong time. He shouldn't have sent Joel. 

"I will go talk to her later." 

Ravina nodded. "Why did Ares even go there?" She wondered. 

"He must have been desperate for answers." Malachi shrugged also finding it surprising that the man agreed to go with his brother, but if he was looking for his parents, then it made sense. 

"What happened to his parents?" Malachi asked, looking for clues. 

Ravina shrugged. "He never knew his parents. He grew up an orphan." 

An orphan? 

"I wonder what he saw. I wouldn't believe it." 

"Why not?" 


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