Touch of Flame

He is a threat to her existence. A hot-blooded dragon of Royal blood, King Malachi is taken hostage by the humans he despises so much. Deprived of his freedom, he is imprisoned in a dark cave, his rage growing with each day of torture and humiliation. The only light he sees comes in the form of a human female, offering her care. A woman who makes him burn with equal fury and desire. A woman who has no place in his heart or mind, for only one thought sustains him. Vengeance! And even if her kindness softens his heart and her touch sets his body aflame, she will not be spared his wrath. Because once he breaks the chains of slavery, he will burn down her whole world. She is the key to his freedom. The cold-hearted princess Ravina is a woman with a mission. Eradicate the dragon race from the face of earth. But when she finds out that the very creatures who killed her parents could also be the ones who kidnapped her sister, she has no choice but to change her plans. To find her sister, she must get closer to the creature she despises. But things don’t always go as planned and soon Ravina ends up finding more than she bargained for. Caught in a battle between humans and dragons, love and hatred, trust and betrayal, Ravina must make every choice with caution. And with every step she takes closer to the fiery beast, she risks melting the ice surrounding her heart and being consumed by the flames of fury and passion.

JasmineJosef · Fantasy
Not enough ratings
334 Chs

Mischief (part 2)

In preparation for the suffering she had intended to subject him to, Malachi clenched his hands into fists. He could feel her hot breath on his skin as she cleaned his wound but he did his best to remain still and ignore his body's reactions.

She continued to breathe against his abdomen as she poked him with a metal thing and tried to find the bullet in his body. That didn't pain him as much as her nearness did yet she had to torture him more. She placed a hand on his abdomen and his breath caught.

He didn't know if she was aware of what she was doing, because she seemed so focused on finding the bullet but her hand alone made breathing difficult. As he expected her hand was cold, but that wasn't the effect it had on him. This was ridiculous and he felt the anger rise within him again.

Just when he was about to move, because he would rather be stabbed and keep that bullet in his body forever than have her closer, she leaned closer. Her soft hair fell over her shoulders and brushed against his bare stomach. He stiffened again.

"Is it stuck? I can't pull it out?" She spoke her hot breath fanning his skin.

"Just leave it there." He tried to say calmly but it still came out harsh.

"Ah, I think I got it." She said, her fingers brushing across his stomach to help the other one grab the tool.

Malachi looked away with a silent curse. It would be over soon. Don't say anything, he told himself.

He could feel her pull out the bullet and then he was relieved it was done. Now go away, he thought as if she could read his mind.

But no. She wanted to bandage him.

"I don't need it." He said.

"Just be still." She ordered.

Oh, God. He wished he hadn't missed the opportunity to catch earlier. How could he have let her get out of his hands so easily? He was still furious over that. It was a chance he had gotten so soon without trying hard yet he let it slip out of his hands. Now he had to endure this.

No! He could not have her arms around him as she bandaged him. And why was she willing to be so close to him. She hated him, even if had seen a hint of admiration in her eyes earlier. It could simply be because she hadn't seen that much of a male body before.

"I will heal. I don't need a bandage." He managed to sound neutral this time.

She ignored him and he froze when she put her arms around him and her chest brushed against his stomach.

"Do you hear me? I don't want your help." He spoke between clenched teeth.

"Why the anger? I thought we were getting along for the day."

He leaned back, his frustration now gnawing at him. He tried to remember his sister, and then he remembers his brother and why he was here. Why he had put himself through all of this pain to finish her kind and now he was reacting at the mere touch of her body. The enemy's body. He should be repulsed. He should be ashamed of himself.

But also how was this his fault? How could he of all dragons available have a human as his breedmate? What kind of curse was this?

He looked at her light golden hair. She screamed human. Nothing about her was close to their women. Not to mention that she also hated his kind and her father was the inventor of all those tools to fight against them. She was not only the enemy by nature. She was also the enemy by course of action.

Malachi breathed in her scent strongly. The effect it had on him was powerful but not stronger than his mission. He would inhale her until she was nothing new to him. Until he got used to her and then he would build resistance just like with everything else he had done. And while he resisted her, he would bring her closer to him, and once she got into his hands…

Well, he would save that fantasy for later.

After she was done bandaging him she stepped back. "It is done now. You are getting better at listening."

Like a dog, she was patting him with words.

He forced a smile.

She forced a smile back.

"I'll find you some clothes." She said.

Now, that he was more focused he sensed the heat coming from her. She was affected by their closeness as well. Her cheeks were still slightly colored and his nakedness was concerning her.

She was innocent to all of this. The cold-hearted princess had some innocence in her. Interesting. And perhaps useful.

"The wound looks a bit infected so if you feel anything strange let me know." She said and walked away.

"How?" He asked.

"When I come to see you." She said.

"Why do you come here? You haven't tested your inventions yet."

She went back to her bag and began to pack. "I told you. I am interested in you."

"You might become too interested." He warned.

She looked his way with those odd blue eyes.

"Are you afraid? You might enjoy my attention. I am the only woman you see after all."

"Woman?" He chuckled but said no more.

As much as he wanted to mock her the last thing he needed was for her to try to prove to him she was a woman. Or perhaps he would do just that. Make her feel like a woman and be a man himself. If he could, because the thought made him sick.

He wanted to curse, hit something, burn something. He remembered his brother and how until today, looking into his eyes pained him. So how could he get out of this mess without hurting himself?

He would just have to bury them all. With revenge, he knew he would have to dig his own grave next to his enemy's. There was no happy ending nor did he wish for it.

His arms fell as she released the chain lever and then she left him, her scent slowly fading away.

Malachi sat down, resting his arms on his knees. Perhaps his father was right. He was not fit to be a king. He was weak.

He clenched his hands into fists. He did not fight and kill his father to come here and find a breedmate. He did not make empty promises to his family and then came here to fail. No! That wasn't going to happen. This wasn't only about him.


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