225 Don't stop!

Ravina's steps slowed as she walked back home while trying to process everything that Nazneen had told her. The cold wind was helping her not melt to the ground from what she had learned. 

"There are three ways I could recommend, but I will only tell you two for now. The first one is if you only want to help him. Then you use your hands." 

Ravina had been confused, but Nazneen had been patient enough to explain and show her. 

"You want me to... do that?" Ravina's face had turned into a pomegranate. 

"I don't want you to do anything. You asked me and this is the most subtle one." 


Nazneen tilted her head and watched her curiously. "It feels strange until you do it the first time. Then when you see the way you can take control, you will love it." 

Take control? 

"It can't always be the man making the woman surrender." 


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