226 Don't stop! (part 2)

Ravina undid his belt with one hand while still keeping pinning him down with the other. She was so smooth with it, he would almost think she had done it before but he could hear her rapidly beating heart. 

His heart felt like it was going to burst as well. He had never been affected like this before. She didn't even begin with her torture. She unwrapped his garment swiftly, sliding her hand in. 

Malachi sucked in a sharp breath when she finally touched his shaft. She was hesitant in her touch, only feeling it with her fingertips. Malachi shut his eyes, equally relieved and frustrated that she finally touched him. He could tell it was new to her from the way she touched him, careful yet curious. He wanted to let her explore and not rush it even when every nerve in his body wanted to throw her over and plunge into her warmth. 


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