222 Crazy or Queen?

Malachi sat on his throne and took Ravina to sit beside him. At this point, everyone already knew that she wasn't going anywhere and would stay by his side and he only intended to make it more clear as days went by. It would be better if everyone got used to it. 

They sat higher, around the arena where Nazneen would fight for her throne. He got a clearer picture of what people thought about her while waiting for the fight. 

Some called her crazy, unstable, and dangerous and others whispered of her past calling her rude, vain, and an attention seeker. This was already not going well for her. 

"Will she be alright?" Ravina asked. 

"She seemed ready. We shall see." 

The oldest son of the snakeherd family, Vilem stepped into the arena, clad to fight with high leather boots and trousers. The crowd cheered for him and then they waited for his opponent. 


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