Touch of Flame

He is a threat to her existence. A hot-blooded dragon of Royal blood, King Malachi is taken hostage by the humans he despises so much. Deprived of his freedom, he is imprisoned in a dark cave, his rage growing with each day of torture and humiliation. The only light he sees comes in the form of a human female, offering her care. A woman who makes him burn with equal fury and desire. A woman who has no place in his heart or mind, for only one thought sustains him. Vengeance! And even if her kindness softens his heart and her touch sets his body aflame, she will not be spared his wrath. Because once he breaks the chains of slavery, he will burn down her whole world. She is the key to his freedom. The cold-hearted princess Ravina is a woman with a mission. Eradicate the dragon race from the face of earth. But when she finds out that the very creatures who killed her parents could also be the ones who kidnapped her sister, she has no choice but to change her plans. To find her sister, she must get closer to the creature she despises. But things don’t always go as planned and soon Ravina ends up finding more than she bargained for. Caught in a battle between humans and dragons, love and hatred, trust and betrayal, Ravina must make every choice with caution. And with every step she takes closer to the fiery beast, she risks melting the ice surrounding her heart and being consumed by the flames of fury and passion.

JasmineJosef · Fantasy
Not enough ratings
334 Chs

Courting (Part 2)

Ravina rode beside Lord Steele and three guards rode behind them.

"Did you speak with His Majesty today?" Ravina asked him.


"I hope he didn't lecture you about taking care of me."

"A little. He wants you to be in good hands." Lord Steele said.

"It seems like he is worried since he brought the new prisoner."

"I heard he is of royal blood so there is some danger in keeping him alive."

Ravina nodded in agreement.

"Did you find out more about him?" He asked.

"I am not allowed to go down there." She said.

"I doubt you listen."

She turned to him and he looked at her mischievously. "Don't worry, I won't tell your uncle."

"I didn't find much yet. It was Bram who found out that he is from the Azar clan. He is their king."

"How do you know that?"

"Unless he intended to prove anything to his father, a prince would not let himself be captured, and if he was gone for several days, his father would surely look for his son. But if he is king he could have given his people orders not to look for him."

"He could still be a prince. We don't know his plan."

"He didn't react when I called him king and he admitted that he killed his father. He also said that he has the purest blood among males, which makes me believe even more that his father is dead and his mother is alive, having purer blood." She explained.

Lord Steele nodded. "You have really analyzed this."

Ravina changed the direction of the conversation to know more about him. "You used to work with my father. How did you two meet?"

"Your father was looking for warriors when he decided to fight back the dragons. He came to the islands and found me and my crew. We were going to prison after being caught but your father freed us in exchange to work for him."

"That is quite the story." She said.

"It is. Your father wanted men who were experts in using firearms and during our raids we had come across many different firearms of the latest kind. He needed that knowledge."

"You helped him develop the firearms."


"Why did he appoint you as a governor?"

He grinned at her question. "Because I am good at what I do."

Ravina turned away from him and looked ahead at the road. But she knew he kept looking at her.

"How far back do you remember me?" He asked diverting the attention back to her.

Ravina tried to think back. "I think when I was thirteen or fourteen. How old were you then?" She thought loudly.

"When you were fourteen I was twenty-seven."

"You still look the same." She said.

"You look very different."

"People grow and change except for you, it seems."

He chuckled amused. "I will only tell you my secret to staying youthful once we get married."

"That certainly makes me more eager." She said with sarcasm.

Suddenly he became serious and slowed down the pace. "You might have some ideas about our marriage but I can say with certainty it will be nothing like you are imagining now."

"How do you know what I am imagining?"

"I know why you want to get married and I can see that you aren't excited." He said.

She looked at him realizing that her behavior could be hurtful. "I am sorry, My Lord." She said with a frown.

A consolatory smile curved his lips. "I didn't come here expecting something else." He assured.

They stopped when they came close to a lake. While Lord Steele assisted her from the horse, the guards began preparing for the picnic that Lord Steele had planned for them. They spread out a blanket and places the baskets with food on top.

Ravina had never done such a thing before. She had heard how ladies were courted, taken to balls and picnics, and getting flowers sent home. She never did any of those things before

Lord Steele took her hand and led them to sit down for their picnic near the lake. The guards turned to face the other way to give them privacy.

"I don't know what you like to eat. I brought fruits and some sweets."

"I like both." She said.

He opened the basket and she took a pear while he took an apple.

"My Lord, why haven't you gotten married yet?" She asked and took a bite of the fruit.

He looked at the apple in his hands turning it back and forth. "I was very busy during those years and always delayed marriage. I felt a family would hold me back, but I can delay no more." He told her.

Everyone wanted to have a family despite the problems going on so clearly she was the only strange one who didn't want to. But she was going to anyway.

"What about your family? Your Parents?"

He looked ahead at the lake. "I never knew my parents. I grew up in the streets and then I worked as a cabin boy, slowly becoming part of a pirate crew and then I became the captain."

Ravina felt sad for him. At least she knew her parents and had good memories of them.

"That must have been difficult and… lonely."

He shrugged and then turned to her with a smile. "I am here now, with a beautiful lady." He looked into her eyes, pulling her closer with his own. "Once we get married soon, I won't be lonely anymore."

He brought his hand to her face, gently allowing the back of his fingers to brush her cheek. Ravina held her breath remembering Ester's words about them perhaps kissing soon.


Her gaze dipped to his mouth and watched his lips curve into a delicate smile. Ravina glanced up into his eyes again, feeling her face burn because he caught her looking. She wanted to turn away embarrassed but he held her still with a gentle grasp on her chin. Then he leaned closer and closer…

Ravina became utterly still and closed her eyes until she felt the touch of his lips on hers. His hot breath and soft lips sent a tremor down her spine. The sensation was unexpected, and the tension in her body dissipated as his mouth moved against hers.

He tasted like the apple he ate, forbidden. But who cared? She was going to marry him anyway and she had no innocence she cared to keep or prove.

What did it matter when she had not felt this much warmth in a long time? Her heart hadn't been this active in quite some time. Her frigid senses were jolted awake from their slumber. Who would have thought the physical contact she avoided would do such a thing.

Lord Steele stroked her mouth with his lips, each stroke increasing her headiness and instilling in her an obsessive desire for more.

Her hands reached for his shoulders, then wrapped around his neck. His mouth grew more urgent on hers, and she found herself laying down on the blanket with half of his body covering hers. Her hands sank into his soft hair, drawing him closer, wanting more of this strange new feeling that made her heart beat with excitement. But the feeling soon came to an end when Lord Steele tore his lips away from hers.

He pulled back, his eyes showing a hint of surprise as they gazed at her. Ravina was breathless, flushed, and a bit embarrassed that she got carried away. She didn't know what to say or do than to just stare back.

Lord Steele pushed himself away and sat up. Ravina slowly sat up as well and then stiffly stared ahead.

"Do you want to take a walk?" He asked after a moment of silence.


Or perhaps they could just go home so she could calm down and process this.