223 Am I dying?

The witch stepped into the room, not bothering to close the door behind him. That was an indicator that trying to run away would be useless. He had his pistols but he was in no way going to use them against this creature. Ares didn't know the limit of magic and didn't want to enrage a witch and spend the rest of what was left of his life in a cave. 

"You are suddenly in a hurry." He said. 

"I need to be somewhere," Ares replied. 

The witch smiled. "With Nazneen?" 

"You know her." He narrowed his eyes. "Are you the one..."


Great. He was with the expert of cursing people. "You want her to lose?" 

Ares was confused. From what Joel told him, this man seemed to be after Malachi and Ravina. Not Nazneen. 


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