329 A dream come true

As the party dwindled down, only the families remained. There was Malachi's kin, Ravina's family, and the trio: Ares, Nazneen, and Ephraim. It was an intimate gathering meant for the families to bond, but intoxication made its presence rather bold.

While everyone else seemed to have been swayed by the drinking of the night, Richard alone had the foresight to stay sober.

Ravina, flushed from the liquor, leaned heavily against Malachi, her voice a touch too loud. "Father!" she exclaimed, eyes half-closed. "Malachi and I… wed… mate… you know…" She slurred.

The stoicism on Richard's face was unwavering, but Malachi looked as though he'd seen a ghost.

"Is that so?" Richard remarked, all eyes now on Malachi.

The air grew thick with suspense.

"Your Majesty, I intend to marry Ravina," Malachi voiced out after swallowing hard.


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