1 When you meet them

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F/n: first name

L/n: last name

N/n: nick name

H/c: hair color

F/c: favorite color

E/c: eye color

F/f: favorite food

H/l: hair length

Duncan: Y/N was in school you know breaking the rules, so her teacher told her to go the the principal office, Man she loved breaking rules and being bad she hated being told what to do and what to not do, she like to do her own thing, and wants to be free, y/n walked down the hall smiling, sure you were hot and cute but you were bad, you sat down near a guy, hes tall he has black hair with a green mohawk and pretty blue eyes. You thought he look cute, y/n was blushing while you keep gazing at his tall figure, then he stared at you back, andย  he got closer to you and asked "what brings you her princess?" He said with a raised eyebrow y/n glared at him and said "why do you need to know, huh?", He then said "woah calm down princess" he said "let me start over again, I'm Duncan," he waited patiently for your response "I'm y/n but too can call me n/n," you said with a genuine smile

Noah: You were at a gym doing cartwheels, front flips, back flips it was a little tricky but it was fun, (I could never ๐Ÿ™ƒ) doing great performances and it was great exercise then, they showed the results, you're 1st place, that hard work really paid off, Later a tall boy with brown hair and red and blue shirt and green shorts and brown eyes staring at you with a weird goofy smile on his face, "Um hi I'm y/n, I was great wasn't I and you are?" you said with a small smile, he realized what he was doing and stopped gazing at you and said "S-sorry about that, um I'm Noah, and you were really good and Id never thought Id ever see a girl do all of that together", you blushed at his comment about you, you don't get much compliment but you've never blushed whenever you were given one 'this guy is kinda cute' you thought

Cody: Y/n had a crush on this boy since 6th grade, well she's not sure if it's a crush but she does have one, she doesn't know that, you never talked to him though you were kinda shy and antisocial, you didn't really like talking to people, you wish you had the courage to talk to him but you were too anxious to talk or even get near him. Cody was a really cool and cute guy hes social unlike you, he probably already has a girlfriend, there's a girl he's always hanging out with she's really pretty and she has a lot of friends they make a great couple, even though he's already dating someone someday you're gonna have to talk to him

You were in lunch getting reading to talk to Cody he's at a lunch table sitting with not many people, you went to the table and said "hi I'm y/n" you said while blushing 'don't blush' you thought, he smiles and looks at you "sup I'm Cody" he said

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