11 The Ninth Level of Foundation Establishment Realm, An Opportunity from the Tree Spirit

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After leaving the Jade Serene Peak, Han Jue was about to return to his cave abode when Liu Sanxin approached him and placed a hand on his shoulder.

Liu Sanxin smiled and said, "Junior, I appreciate your good intentions. If you encounter any trouble in the future, feel free to ask me for help."

Han Jue blinked and said, "I wish you success, senior!"

How could he deny a favor that came knocking on his door?


Liu Sanxin laughed and left.

Han Jue had only taken a few steps when Chang Yue'er caught up to him.

"Junior, you haven't done any sect missions yet, right? Do you want me to guide you through one?" Chang Yue'er asked with a smile.

"No thanks, I want to cultivate."

"Cultivating in the cave abode is very slow. You can earn spirit stones by completing missions and then go to various spiritual pools to cultivate. It's much more efficient. At the same time, you'll also get contribution points by completing missions. If your contribution points are high, you can buy pills."

"Nevermind. I'm afraid of death."

"How can we cultivators be afraid of death?"

"If you're not afraid of death, why are you cultivating?!"


Chang Yue'er was vexed with him.

Why is this junior so cowardly!

Han Jue didn't go because he had a lot of spirit stones.

"Hmph, so be it!"

Chang Yue'er turned around and left.

Han Jue fell into deep thought.

Indeed, he couldn't cultivate in the cave abode. He had to go to the spiritual pools.

It would be too risky to go after a hundred years when he was closer to death.

Thinking that Han Jue immediately headed towards the inner sect city.

Ten years passed in a flash.

Han Jue had been wandering around the various Spiritual Pools. He had spent nearly 400 superior-grade spirit stones. His cultivation level had reached the fifth level of the Foundation Establishment realm and all six types of cultivation potentials had reached the fifth level of the Foundation Establishment realm.

At this rate, even if he spent the remaining 400 or so superior-grade spirit stones, he still wouldn't be able to reach the Golden Core realm.

Han Jue began to concentrate on cultivating the thunder spiritual energy and fire spiritual energy.

He couldn't spend all the spirit stones. There would definitely be expenses later on.

Another ten years!

He might as well finish cultivating his Thunder Cultivation Potential at the spiritual pool and then cultivate his fire spiritual energy in the cave abode.

That's it!

After making up his mind, Han Jue headed straight to the Thunder Spiritual Pool.

No cultivator could be seen in the Thunder Spiritual Pool. But Han Jue wasn't afraid of loneliness.

"Brat, you're here again. I thought you were a genius before. Why are you still only at the third level of the Foundation Establishment realm after so many years?"

The tree spirit couldn't help but tease.

Han Jue shrugged his shoulders and said, "It's precisely because I have no talent, that's why I cultivate so diligently."


After saying that, the Tree Demon closed his eyes.

Han Jue was a regular visitor, so he didn't need to remind him.

Soon, Han Jue entered his cultivation state.

Time quickly passed.

Year after year passed.

Five years later.

Han Jue's Thunder Cultivation Potential had already reached the seventh stage of the Foundation Establishment Realm.

Mo Fuchou had returned with a female disciple.

This female disciple was extremely beautiful, and her mannerisms also had the bearing of a noble lady.

"Brother Han, you're also here!" Mo Fuchou said with surprise.

Han Jue opened his eyes.

He smiled and replied, "Brother Mo, you're here too."

Mo Fuchou was an absolute genius. Through his interpersonal relationships, Han Jue noticed that he had already reached the ninth level of Foundation Establishment.

Although nearly twenty years had passed, to be able to break through two levels in the Foundation Establishment realm and head towards the Golden Core realm, what else could one be but a genius?

"Let me introduce you. This is my junior at Heavenly Thunder Peak. She's also my younger sister from my clan, Mo Zhu," Mo Fuchou said with a smile.

Han Jue cupped his hands and said, "I'm Han Jue from Jade Serene Peak."

Mo Zhu nodded and carefully sized him up. She asked, "Why are you still at the third level of the Foundation Establishment realm? My elder brother said that you might already be at the sixth level."

Han Jue smiled and said, "I want to do it steadily. Hey, let's quickly start our cultivation."

With that, he sat down.

Although Mo Fuchou was curious about his cultivation level, he didn't ask further.

The two of them quickly began to meditate.

Not long after, they were surprised to discover that Han Jue's absorption speed far exceeded theirs.

"What kind of cultivation technique is he cultivating? No, it's his cultivation potential!"

Mo Fuchou was shocked.

Mo Zhu also looked at Han Jue in surprise.

Han Jue wasn't bothered by their reaction. He had to hurry.

Every minute was spirit stones!

Three years later.

Mo Fuchou and Mo Zhu prepared to leave.

Mo Fuchou looked at Han Jue. He wanted to say something, but seeing how focused Han Jue was, he didn't want to disturb him.

The two left the Thunder Spiritual Pool.

"Brother, why didn't Han Jue's cultivation level increase?" Mo Zhu asked curiously.

Given the speed at which Han Jue absorbed spiritual Qi, he should have broken through long ago.

Mo Fuchou had a complicated look in his eyes as he said, "This person definitely has a method to suppress his cultivation level. I'm afraid his cultivation level has already caught up to mine—ninth stage Foundation Establishment Realm!"

Mo Zhu widened her beautiful eyes and said, "You said that twenty years ago, he was only at the ninth level of the Qi Refinement realm… So fast…"

Mo Fuchou took a deep breath and said, "Jade Serene Peak is packed with ascetics. I didn't expect such a genius to appear. Let's go. We have to work as hard as him."

Mo Zhu nodded.

At the same time.

Han Jue saw two lines of words:

[Mo Fuchou's favorability towards you has increased. Current favorability: 2 stars.]

[Mo Zhu's favorability towards you has increased. Current favorability: 2 stars.]

Han Jue was indifferent.

He had already reached the ninth level of Foundation Establishment Realm and was currently attempting to break through.

Half a year later, Han Jue finally cultivated his lightning spiritual energy to perfection. Even if he wanted to cultivate it again, it would be impossible.

He stood up and prepared to leave.

"Boy, it appears that you possess a method to suppress your cultivation. You're truly remarkable," the tree spirit said with a laugh. His tone was no longer laced with mockery.

Han Jue shrugged and smiled.

He walked to the teleportation formation and was about to leave.

"I have an opportunity here. Do you want to take it?" asked the tree spirit.

Han Jue raised his eyebrows. "No."

The tree spirit was stunned. "You can get large amounts of spirit stones, sect contribution points, and even equipment and treasures. Are you sure you don't want to try?"

"Is it dangerous?"

"If you want a good opportunity, you naturally have to take the risk."

"Then, forget it. I don't want to die."


The tree spirit trembled in exasperation and disbelief.

Han Jue urged, "Please let me out. I still have to return to my cave abode to enter seclusion."

The tree spirit snorted and activated the formation, sending him out.

Han Jue received the refund of a year-and-a-half worth of spirit stones in the pavilion. He still had nearly 300 spirit stones in his storage bag.

He didn't return to his cave abode immediately but headed for the Salary Building.

After all these years, he hadn't received his salary. He should take it.

The Jade Pure Sect would give out salary once a year. They could leave it there and collect it in one go.

The Salary Building was one of the most bustling pavilions in the Jade Pure Sect. There were many disciples, and they had to line up to receive their pay.

Han Jue's temperament attracted the attention of many female cultivators. The male cultivators also quickly noticed him.

As Han Jue's cultivation level continued to increase, his unparalleled charisma was also fully displayed.

The System could hide his cultivation, but not his charm.

"Who's this person? He's so handsome. I never knew we had a man like this in the Jade Pure Sect!"

"I've seen him before. He seems to be a disciple of Jade Serene Peak."

"Tsk tsk. He looks like he's walked out from a painting."

"The disciples of Jade Serene Peak all have good looks."

"Do any of you know his name?"

Han Jue pretended not to notice the discussions around him.

After receiving his salary, he quickly fled, causing the female cultivators who wanted to strike up a conversation to feel endless regret.

Just as he walked out of the building, Han Jue bumped into Mo Zhu.

"Brother Han, you're here. How fateful!" Mo Zhu said in surprise. She quickly went up and held his arm.

Han Jue's face froze.

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