Reviews of Top Tier Providence, Secretly Cultivate for a Thousand Years


Top Tier Providence, Secretly Cultivate for a Thousand Years

Let me laugh

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read this from MTL decent translation and is readable. as for the novel itself, it's a gem if you like low-key MC *not a spoiler* he ain't a single virgin dog.

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Raw Name: 顶级气运,悄悄修炼千年 Status: 390(Ongoing) It has 200,000 collections, quite popular in Qidian China.


Boring. MC is a coward through and through. In every single situation he chooses to run away, there's really nothing to it. He rolls his providence hundreds of times for a few years to get his perfect character sheet, understandable. He secretly cultivates at first so that Elder Iron doesn't screw him over, understandable. For an entire decade all he did was goto the same lightening pool and cultivate there, only breaking through 3-4 times. Why? If he wants to live so badly he should find the fastest way to cultivate to gain greater strength, it took time but even Bai Xiaochun, the most cowardly person i've read about knows this. It's really pathetic.


very good writing quality that could be further enhanced by changing how you write his thoughts,world background much known but nothing bad presently, character design is very good just needs more depth.


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Mc's way too much of a coward. He never takes risks which makes it boring. Low-profile is okay but you gotta step up sometimes you know. Such a bummer


It’s actually good. MC is a coward? He is cultivating as cultivators do. Most of the novel is focused on him ascending the ranks and his lifespan increasing. He avoids obvious tropes that lead to trouble, living the ascetic cultivator lifestyle. Give it a try.


From the author of I have an countless legendary swords, the main character is more like a coward than a hidden practitioner. In literally every situation he runs, he is given the choice to run away or to act, moreover, if you convince then the rewards are average, but if you act then besides the system reward there are other possibilities that would help to cultivate faster and become stronger, but he preferred to run away and waste time


i actually already reading ir in MTL and its actually pretty good even though the MC is so cautious to the point that i see him as a coward and its also boring sometimes but its still a good read. I like the master-disciple thingy in here so yeah i ebjoyed it and read it if you want a good read I'll rate it 7.5/10 By the way here is the title in the mtl "Top-level Air Luck, Quietly Practiced For Thousands of Years"


Honestly, I’m coming to dislike this MC more and more. He is cowardly and is constantly flaunting his potential around, sure it’s funny, but all he does is hide and cultivate as if once he becomes immortal he will be invincible. Which I highly doubt because 1. Dude look at the world your in no one dies from disease 2. With no fighting experience your weak no matter your cultivation 3. When you’re immortal I fail to believe you’re undying so other immortals can kill you and lastly he is acting like your typical young master spoiled thinking he need not do anything because he already has everything when he really has nothing, it’s disappointing and I’m disgusted.


the novel is not bad but I think most of these reviews are praising it too much. it's definitely not for everyone. I feel like people have just been inundated by trope after trope and thus think that this novel is God tier for simply not having so many tropes. people will argue that the mc is "overly cautious" and not "cowardly". personally the mc was taking the whole cautious thing too far to the point of being cowardly. being cautious is good but the mc was being too cautious. I mean his disciple gets captured and beat up for years and, after the disciple is freed at the end of the war, the mc straight up admits that he was too afraid to save his disciple. another thing I'll note is that, while less than other cultivation novels, this novel still suffers from a repetitive plot. but imo, basically all cultivation novels suffer from this so it's not really a bit deal basically, if you like this kind of novel, cool. if you don't, also cool. I just got bored and slightly annoyed by the progression.


I have only read the first 20 chapters, but have enjoyed this way more than I thought I would. As opposed to some other reviewers, I don’t feel the mc is a coward, but steady and cautious. His cultivation speed is miles beyond others and his choices give him the opportunity to continue cultivating in peace. I look forward to seeing his progress.


Writing: 3 stars because of the missing options. Character: 3 stars becouse how boring his character is. Story Dev.: 2 Mc Potential would be Top but it feels like average side character in other Novels Update Stability:3 stars because I dont know. Word B. : Nothing special thats wh 3 stars


at first, I liked the MC because he wants to Cultivate in peace but in the development of the story the MC looks like Coward and he wasted a lot of Opportunities to be stronger than he was but as I said he is a Coward


excellent novel, everything is just perfact. mc is smart, thinks with his brain rather then lower body, good natured, slightly overpowered but that's what makes him much better and even then he strives hard to improve himself. pls release it soon, eagerly waiting.[img=recommend][img=recommend]


This novel finally being pick... Mtl quality for this one is killing me, so really appreciate it for being picked. Anyway, I actually not recommending this. Mc is a coward that wouldn't go out adventuring except when people thrash the sect itself... So if you want to read adventure kind, this is not for you..


MC is quite unfeeling and lives trapped in the shadows of his past life. The 20-30 years he lived as a mortal in his last life shaped completely his character and there is no further development with the passing of time. He only has one goal and that's to live forever while facing no danger, nothing else matters. MC relationships are unilaterally mantained by the other parties as he never interacts with people unless it's strictly necessary. All his relationships are based completely on his looks and his cheats, as he only shows himself when the sect is in danger or to discuss the dao once every 100-1000 years. Btw, for the first 200 chapters, more or less, MC acts like a prostitute or a gold digger. He waits for the woman (supposed 1stFL) that's obsessed with him but that he doesn't love to bring him resources and then he repays her with s*x. When MC gets stronger and the resources become useless for him their interactions decrease noticeably.


The Mc is so coward he didn't even dare to save his student and friends who is tortured he even brainwash his pet, and if he afraid really of death then he could just stay in seclusion forever until he reach the peak of cultivation, this novel is so confusing like i thought there are just one demon lord turned out there are millions and the cultivation level you said mahayana realm was the highest but no suddenly there more, the mc be like everything is danger!


Whenever the MC makes a choice between two decisions, strangely I can't read them. Thank you to those who commented what they were supposed to say in the comments for those who couldn't read them. If you're wondering what I'm talking about, just read and you'll find out. Or hopefully, they'll have fixed that the time you read this review. MC rerolls his cultivation potential until he gets top notch potential. He then joins a sect, goes on the down low and occasionally does a few high profile things while still trying to be low-key. Some people have also commented that he's stupid sometimes, but so what? Does the MC have to be perfect to enjoy the story? The novel isn't bad. The MC uses a sword, so if you have some strange prejudice against swords (this has barely any impact on the plot anyway), you can skip it. Otherwise, if you really can't find anything better, this novel is fine to read until the very end.


I've read over 400 Chapters and I can say, this is one of my most satisfying reads...continue cultivating and keep a low profile! .........