Cultivation Potential Limit

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"Do you still want to transform?" Han Jue said bluntly as the Fusang Tree was hemmed and hawed.

He didn't want to beat around the bush.

The Fusang Tree was stunned. "Of course I want to, but…"

Before she could finish speaking, it suddenly changed. The huge tree body emitted a dazzling light. These lights quickly condensed and landed in front of Han Jue, forming a graceful figure.

It was a woman with black hair and snow-white skin. Her facial features were devastatingly beautiful, and the coldness between her brows had Li Yao's bearing. This was normal. Dao Comprehension Sword and the Fusang Tree were both deeply affected by Li Yao.

At first glance, the transformed Fusang Tree looked like Li Yao's younger sister.

Han Jue raised his hand and plucked a leaf from the Fusang Tree. It turned into a green robe and covered the Fusang Tree.