31 A Kill Every Ten Steps, Casually Leave When the Deed Ends!

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Jade Pure Sect, Main Peak.

The elders of the eighteen peaks were all heavily injured. They were either meditating to recuperate or lying on the ground, unable to get up.

They were all staring at the sky as Li Qingzi and the Great Grand Elder fought Duan Tongtian.

Duan Tongtian's black robes fluttered in the wind as a gigantic black mountain floated behind him. Lightning interweaved on the black mountain, and the powerful suction force made it difficult for Li Qingzi and the Great Grand Elder to move. Violent winds wreaked havoc on the mountain, sweeping up countless trees as dust mixed with sparks flying.

Li Qingzi and the Great Grand Elder were both injured. Their Daoist robes were torn and their hair was disheveled. They looked extremely pathetic.

Although they were already exhausted, they still had to fight.

They knew that if they were defeated, it would really be the end of the Jade Pure Sect.

Their skin was golden in color, and their muscles exposed through the holes on their robes were visually impactful.

Heavenly Constellation Golden Body!

If not for this secret technique, they would have long been defeated.

Duan Tongtian looked down at them and said with a sinister smile, "Give up. You aren't my match at all. If you kneel and beg for mercy, perhaps I can make your disciples suffer less.

"The grudge that has lasted for hundreds of years should be settled!"

Li Qingzi, still holding his golden ruler, spat out a mouthful of blood and shouted, "Duan Tongtian, the disciples of the Jade Pure Sect would rather die than submit to the demonic path!"

With a swing of his ruler, gales of fire swept forth toward Duan Tongtian.

Duan Tongtian waved his hand casually, and the black mountain behind him absorbed the fire gust.

Great Grand Elder cursed and said, gritting his teeth, "This mountain is a connate black magnet. It absorbs and dissolves spirit energy. This demon doesn't even need to cast any spells. He will exhaust us to death just with the magnet!"

Duan Tongtian hadn't used his full strength this entire time. He was deliberately playing with and torturing them.

"Damn it! What should we do?"

Li Qingzi clenched his fist indignantly.

Great Grand Elder fell silent.

Not far away, Fairy Xi Xuan sighed.

We're finished, after all!

Fairy Xi Xuan couldn't help but think of Han Jue.

That kid is probably still in seclusion!

Fairy Xi Xuan was both angry and helpless. Her heart filled with sorrow.

She blamed herself even more when she thought of the other disciples.

"As your master, I can't protect you. I can only die before you…"

Fairy Xi Xuan slowly stood up, her body swaying, but her eyes were still filled with determination.

Even if she died, she would die for the Jade Pure Sect!

At the edge of the cliff, Mo Zhu was stopped by two fiendish cultivators.

"Hehe, little beauty. If you're willing to serve us and make us happy, you might not have to die!"

One of them laughed and looked at her with lust.

Mo Zhu looked behind them. Mo Fuchou was busy fighting three other Golden Core Realm cultivators from the Viridescent Nether Cult and couldn't save her.

"Damn it…"

Mo Zhu gritted her teeth, turned, and leaped down the cliff.

Even if she died, she didn't want to be harassed by the fiendish cultivators!

She fell through layers of clouds.

She wanted to use her flying sword, but she had exhausted the spirit energy in her body.

She smiled bitterly. She was really going to die now.

She closed her eyes slowly as a face appeared in her mind.

A face of unparalleled beauty that was even prettier than women.

If I was as determined as him when cultivating, I would have been able to kill a few more fiendish cultivators now before I die.


Han Jue, will we meet again in our next life?


I hope that in my next life, you will have achieved immortality.

Sparkling tears fell from the corners of Mo Zhu's eyes.

At this moment, she suddenly felt someone catch her and heard a familiar voice.

"Miss Mo, why are you down here?"

Han Jue!

Mo Zhu was stunned. What does he mean by "down here"?

Is Han Jue already dead?

Are we in the Yellow Spring?

Mo Zhu opened her eyes and saw Han Jue's handsome face.

She was lying in his arms.

Han Jue caught Mo Fuchou's aura and immediately flew up, carrying Mo Zhu.

Honestly, this girl has a good body. She's so comfortable to hug!


What nonsense are you thinking!

It must be a test from the Great Dao!

"Are we already dead?" Mo Zhu stared at him in a daze and asked weakly.

Hearing that, Han Jue raised his right hand.


He slapped Mo Zhu, and she instantly jolted awake.

So painful!

Mo Zhu rubbed her red cheeks and looked at him in surprise.

As the two of them returned to the cliff, Han Jue swept his gaze over and saw Mo Fuchou being surrounded by three fiendish cultivators.

He immediately used the Three Pure Shadow Sword Technique.

With a flash of sword light, blood painted the ground!

The three fiendish cultivators were instantly killed by the sword shadows.

Mo Fuchou was stunned.

Three Golden Core Realm experts were instantly killed?

When he saw that it was Han Jue who had attacked, he was very shocked.


"Brother Han…" Mo Fuchou wanted to say something, but Han Jue suddenly tossed Mo Zhu to him.

"Take care of her."

With these words, Han Jue continued to fly towards the main peak.

[Mo Fuchou's favorability towards you has increased. Current favorability: 5.5 stars.]

Han Jue ignored the notification.

Along the way, he used his finger as a sword and continuously executed the Unparalleled Finger Divine Sword, causing Sword Qi to shoot out and kill the fiendish cultivators along the way.

The disciples of Jade Pure Sect looked at him in shock.

"Who is that person?"

"So strong!"

"Is he an elder of the sect? Why haven't I seen him before?"

"Wait, he seems to be a disciple from Jade Serene Peak, ranked third in the inner disciple trial a few decades ago."

"Is he a core candidate?"

Han Jue disregarded the gazes along the way and reached out with his divine sense.

He could feel the powerful pressure coming from Main Peak.

The aura of a Soul Formation realm cultivator!

When Han Jue passed by Jade Serene Peak, he caught Chang Yue'er's aura.

Chang Yue'er and the disciples of Jade Serene Peak were fighting as a large group against twice as many fiendish cultivators. The situation was extremely bad.

Han Jue waved his hand, and sword shadows immediately zoomed off.

Three sword shadows of different colors were as fast as lightning, killing one fiendish cultivator after another.

Screams of agony could be heard.

Liu Sanxin, Chang Yue'er, and the rest were stunned. They turned their heads subconsciously and saw Han Jue flying over from afar.

"Junior Han!"

Chang Yue'er cried out in joy.

The surrounding fiendish cultivators were so frightened that they fled. However, the sword shadows chased after them. When Han Jue vanished from sight, the sword shadows had already killed close to a hundred fiendish cultivators.

A kill every ten steps, casually leave when the deed ends!

"Is it really Junior Han Jue?"

Liu Sanxin was stunned.

He thought that Han Jue was just passing by and that the one who really attacked was another expert. The technique was too powerful.

Main Peak. In the forest.

Xing Hongxuan was leaning against a tree trunk. Her right arm was bleeding profusely, and her robes were soaked red. Yet, she still looked extremely beautiful.

In front of her stood a man in black.

The black-clothed man held a ring-shaped saber in his hand and smiled sinisterly.

"I'll give you a chance. Go back and marry me and I'll spare your life. Otherwise, you'll die here. I'll extract your soul and refine you into a ghost slave!"

Faced with the black-robed man's threat, Xing Hongxuan gritted her teeth and said, "It's impossible for me to return to the Cult. When Duan Tongtian forced my parents to their deaths, I decided to take revenge!

"As for marrying you, are you even worthy?"

A hint of killing intent flashed through the black-robed man's eyes.

You're about to die, yet you still dare to mock me!

You're asking for it!

The man in black was about to speak when he suddenly looked up and saw a figure appear above the forest.

Xing Hongxuan looked up and exclaimed in surprise, "Husband!"

Han Jue asked indifferently, "Miss Xing, do you need help?"

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