2 Verifying the Game Function

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"If All-Class Master works in real life as well…"

"As long as I raise my Student Class to Level 7 and raise my Elementary, Middle, and High School knowledge to Perfection level, I can get full marks for the college entrance examination."

"I remember that in the game, the Experience Bar of the Student Class can be obtained by reading books and listening to lectures!"

"For every minute I read, I can obtain 1 Experience Bar! For every minute I listen to the teacher's lecture, I can obtain 10 Experience Bars."

"I wonder if the rules for obtaining Experience Bars are the same in real life?" A thought flashed through Li Chengqian's mind. Then, he focused his attention on Teacher Wang Jianjia's lecture again.

He needed to verify if the Experience Bar acquisition rules in the All-Class Master game in his previous life were the same in reality.

Just one minute later, lines of text appeared in front of him.

[You have accumulated 1 minute of listening time in class. You have received 10 Experience Bars.]

[Your Student Class level has increased to Level 1 (9/10).]

[Your Intelligence Stats +1. Current Intelligence: 11 points.]

[You have obtained Skill: Focus (Entry 0/1).]

[Focus: In a focused state, your memory and comprehension ability will increase greatly. You will obtain ten lines at a glance and a photographic memory. Skill Duration: 10 minutes. Cool down: 24 hours.]

Li Chengqian looked at the lines of notifications flashing past, and his heart was incomparably excited.

These scenes were exactly the same as the All-Class Master game he played in his previous life.

There was no difference, whether it was the way to obtain Experience Bars or the skills obtained from leveling up his Class.

"I can't be too happy so soon. I still need to test if the skills really work in reality!" Li Chengqian suppressed the excitement in his heart. It wasn't time to be happy yet.

He could only be truly at ease when he had confirmed that all the functions and skills in the All-Class Master game could be effective in real life.

It was really simple to verify if the functions of the All-Class Master game were really effective!

As long as the Skill Focus that he had just obtained could take effect in reality…

This meant that all the functions of All-Class Master had been brought over.

The unbelievable functions in the game could all become a reality.

In an instant, Li Chenggqian thought of the powerful classes in the game and those BUG-like skills. Li Chengqian started hyperventilating.

Then, he suppressed the excitement in his heart and turned his attention to the skills.

"Use the Focus Skill."

Li Chengqian felt an obvious difference the moment the skill was activated.

He seemed to have been enlightened and suddenly became extremely clear minded. Everything around him looked very clear, and various Will-O-Wisp kept flashing in his mind.

Li Chengqian was ecstatic, but he didn't stop his experiments. The changes in his senses were often affected by psychological factors.

However, psychological factors wouldn't give an ordinary person a photographic memory.

"Read! Verify that you can speed read ten lines at a glance and have a photographic memory." Li Chengqian shifted his gaze to the English textbook.

At a glance, he memorized the contents of one page in the book.

Li Chengqian closed his eyes and recalled the contents. He realized that he had memorized all the contents without missing a single word.

"It's true!" At this moment, Li Chengqian was finally certain that the abilities of the All-Class Master game could really be brought into the real world.

In order not to waste the time he had for using the Focus Skill, he suppressed the ecstasy in his heart and quickly began to flip through the book. With the enhancement of speed reading and photographic memory, he only needed two seconds to memorize all the content.

Ten minutes later, the duration of the Focus Skill ended. He had already finished flipping through the Year Three English textbook.

He closed the book and recalled the contents. From the first page to the last page, he even memorized the page numbers, and got every single punctuation mark correct.

"It's really effective! It's not a dream!" Li Chengqian was so excited that he started trembling.

[You have read for 10 minutes. You have received 10 Experience Bars.]

[Your Student Class level has increased to Level 1 (9/10).]

[Your Intelligence Stats +1. Current Intelligence: 11 points.]

After his Intelligence Stats increased, Li Chengqian felt that his mind was clear. That feeling was like a person who had just woken up and was still a little groggy, and then suddenly sobering up after washing his face with cold water.

Li Chengqian found that after his Intelligence Stats increased by 2 points, his mental ability, logical ability, and even memory all underwent significant changes.

"Amazing! Too amazing!" This change was completely different from adding two Stats in the game. In the game, the increase in Stats was only a number, but in reality, this change could be felt.

After verifying that the game cheat was completely effective, Li Chengqian put down his book and focused his attention on Teacher Wang's lecture.

10 Experience Bars for listening to a lecture for 1 minute, and 1 Experience Bar for reading for 1 minute!

There was a tenfold difference, anyone would know how to choose.

Listening to lectures was the best choice. Reading books was second.

Listening carefully to Teacher Wang's lecture, Li Chengqian realized the difference.

Using the Focus Skill, he memorized all the English words for Year Three. Naturally, he also memorized all the 600 words he needed to learn in Year Three.

As such, Li Chengqian realized that it was still very painful for him to listen to Teacher Wang Jianjia's lecture. He could understand a small portion of the lecture.

But it was much better than before, when he couldn't understand a single word.

At the same time, because his intelligence had increased and he had memorized the entire Year Three English textbook, he had memorized many words. However, he didn't know what these words meant. As long as the teacher mentioned them during the lecture, he could actually memorize most of them.

Therefore, Li Chengqian paid close attention to the lesson.

After one lesson, the number of words increased by 150.

In terms of grammar, through the content mentioned in the teacher's lecture and comparing it to the textbook he had memorized, he was able to grasp the big concept.

He had learned more from this lesson than from three years of high school in his previous life!

After class, lines of text appeared on the translucent webpage in front of Li Chengqian.

[You have listened to the class for 23 minutes. You have received 230 Experience Bars.]

[Your Student Class level has increased to Level 3 (221/30).]

[Your Intelligence Stats +1. Current Intelligence: 11 points.]

[You have obtained Skill: Elementary School knowledge (Proficient 30/60).]

The moment the Elementary School Knowledge Skill appeared, Li Chengqian suddenly recalled all the classes in elementary school. He also remembered the content of the classes. If he thought about it carefully, he could even remember most of the textbook content.

"The All-Class Master game in reality is still very different from a game." Li Chengqian sighed.

The All-Class Master game in reality would integrate the knowledge learned by the host into the skill. Just like the Elementary School knowledge skill, it incorporates Li Chengqian's original knowledge and thoroughly consolidated it.

In the game, all skills start from Novice level.

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