284 Chapter 284. Death (2)

Chapter 284. Death (2)

"Xiao Rin, I already talked about it with Chief Han and he also agrees that you can't take another project with your schedule. Are you planning to collapse from over working?"

Director Zhao quickly said hearing the word 'Slayers' coming out from Xiao Rin's mouth. He already had a feeling that Xiao Rin wanted to talk about this. 

But his decision was final!

"I know that, but I can handle it!"

Xiao Rin said with a weird glint in her eyes. It was like a fire was blazing in her eyes and no matter what, she won't back off. 

She had thought about it properly and there was no way she would let go of this golden chance. 

"Handle? How will you do that? If you continue like this, you will be acting on IV soon!"

Director Zhao said with an expression that said he won't budge no matter what, but Xiao Rin had come prepared. 

"I won't go to the photoshoots tomorrow or on the set if you don't agree!"



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