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Is this a prank from Webnovel? This is one of the 'recomended' novels of the day, being a Korean novel that got 14 chapters translated in one week in July 2019 and then got dropped. And they got the nerve to charge for the last four chapters! I read some of the free chapters and it's not bad, but not very good either. They are short, though. If it was published on paper that would mean around 15 pages. The story is about an idol group with two pretty girls and a fat one. Really? In the insipid world of k-pop a fat singer? The 'talents' needed to be an idol (male or female alike) is just to be young and cute. Since it's a book about idols, at least we won't have to suffer listening to those awful k-pop songs. So, what's the point of keeping this? Will it ever be picked up again? Who knows? 😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒


Reveal spoiler


Reveal spoiler


This book is really short and hasn’t added any new chapters and making the last four chapters locked so if u really want to go ahead and read the locked chapters too if you enjoy it a lot.


Premium after four chapters... Not even going to bother with this. Or the last 3 like this one This webnovel business plan will lead to it's downfall


Reveal spoiler


How do I stop this crap from showing on my screen every single fckin time?????????? Please just remove this nonsense. Djdiekdkdoodkdjdjdjdjdj


What is this flustercluck ? Is qidan messing with us ? It's not the April fools day , so it most likely is not a prank ? Is a new translator picking it up ?? Give some info before recommendation 🤦🤦🤦


A hillaruos way to die and reincarnate, just how the **** did MC managed to stay sane, when his thing in the nether region got replaced by... a women's thing. Story is interesting can be read, but locking the chapters this ahead of time, it's not cool boi!


Fatty is live Fatty is love Fatty is beautifull Nothing can change the fact how satisfying when fatt turn to fit... I fall in love with this novel


It nice--!!! It have a idol, a fat to fit, a strong female lead, it complete.... PERFECTION--!!!! A MASTER PIECE... 😏😏😏 AKWARD---!!! I LOVE EVERYTHING ABOUT THIS NOVEL


Overall it is a really interesting story,give it a chance its not that bad.If you want a slightly?harem-ish story but with a fl then you might?just like it.It is also genderbend and funny situations occur when it is about food or fighting.So just read it for pass time,but yeh u need to pay for the chaps.


Well first of all, It is a very interesting and exciting to read, just reading the introduction of the book, I easily got to like it specialy when I started to read the book. The author did an excellent job in making the pacing of the story, it's plot and the character building. I'm rooting for the success of this story dear Author. ~\(≧▽≦)/~


Is this a joke? How the hell is this recommended? Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


[img=coins] This was a great book and I hope the author makes more like it. The main character was interesting enough to keep my interest throughout the whole story. The fictional celebrity similarity to some of my favorite Korean celebs was hilariously spot on.


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Okay. Okay. I get that the Mc is OP and has many lucky encounters. However, that would only detriment the story if they served as a means to increase the strength of the character. This combination of herculean strength and extreme luck serves purely as a comedic device. The setting is, after all, modern day South Korea where people are not fighting to be Immortal Emperor, however, there is the occasional reincarnated individual. The goal here is not to be the strongest, but the most famous and respected. While crude and still quite masculine in thought process, our MC still maintains her status as an idol (albeit as a freakishly strong, girl-crush one). I simply adore the way the author created the main character, as that beginning was one of the most hilarious opening statements I’ve ever had the pleasure of reading. This review may not be professional, but honestly, this novel is deserves more than its current rating. It may not be 5 star worth, but it should definitely surpass it current rating (3.3 stars). Please read further and appreciate this novel!!! **: Don’t lose faith after the first 30 or so chapters. It gets better.


It’s good I feel the pacing is off sometimes as in I think sometimes things are moving too fast and sometimes too slow. Characters are great but my biggest problem is that Sian isn’t a lesbian even though she is technically a man and likes girls I don’t see why she doesn’t accept it


So Good You Can't Stop😭 So Amazing You Don't Want To Stop😂 This is life 😇 This is my excitement😆 This is my life😍 Please read so we can be addicted to this drug TOGETHER😈


Yeahhhhhh a goood fat to fit novellllll....... it idolllll novel goooooddd UMMMUUUUUU... honestly it akward to say this but thank---!!! YOU---!!!!