Top-Class Insight: Start with Basic Fist Techniques Book

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Top-Class Insight: Start with Basic Fist Techniques

Shadow Of The Moon

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Lu Changsheng, who transmigrated as the apprentice of Elixir Garden, originally wanted to work hard to become a divine doctor who could save people. But when he began to practice martial arts, he found that every time he practiced martial art to perfection, he could improve his insight. Moreover, it seemed that his insight could improve ceaselessly. Lu Changsheng wondered where the upper limit of his insight was. Unremarkable: slightly better than waste. Preliminary: an ordinary person Potential: the potential is shown Whiz: capable of a lot! Renowned: sharp and invincible! Genius: the name of genius spreads to the world! Legend: establish a sect and be the first! Saint: shock the world! Unprecedented: dominate the whole world! Top Insight: Unspeakable, invisible, and inaudible!