1 Dead Body!

Holding the pregnancy test form in her hand, Su Mingyu happily opened the door, and saw a scene that made her want to puke.

He saw her fiancé and her best sister in the living room, intertwining around each other while naked.

Su Mingyu's complexion turned ashen. Anger rushed straight to her head.

"What are you doing!"

Only after hearing her shout did the two lovey people on the sofa manage to react.

The man stood up cleanly, pressing the long haired woman, who had panicked and wanted to flee, beneath him. He raised his eyebrows and looked at Su Mingyu, his eyes not showing the slightest fear of being caught in a scam. "Didn't you say that you only came here at night?"

Su Mingyu ruthlessly threw the test form that was about to shatter into pieces onto the man's face, "If you didn't come earlier, how could you have seen such a wonderful scene?"

The man casually picked up the list and glanced at it. With a hint of ridicule in his deep eyes, he said, "It has indeed been three months."

As she spoke, she lifted the long haired woman's small and white lower jaw and kissed her soft and thin lips. Then she looked at Su Mingyu with disdain, "But so what?"

"There are too many women who want to give me children. Who do you think you are? It's just one of the many special agents of the Hellfire. How many women like you do I want? "

Heh …

Su Mingyu laughed mockingly in her heart. This was the man she liked!

Su Mingyu tried her best to control her emotions and turned to leave. If she stayed here even a second longer, she would feel disgusted!

Suddenly, a touch of cold light pressed against her neck. The ice-cold temperature made her shiver.

Traces of fresh blood dyed the blade red, but she calmed down instead. "You even used Hellfire's ultimate weapon. It seems you're determined not to let me go?"

The man sneered. "If you're not like this, how can you be second?"

With that, he waved his long arm, allowing the woman in his embrace to sit on him, indicating that she should continue.

"Mistress, I …" The long haired woman looked at Su Mingyu with difficulty, and a hint of fear flashed across her face.

The man pinched the soft flesh on her waist and sneered. "Don't worry. As long as the dagger is placed on her neck, she wouldn't dare to act rashly."

As the long-haired woman moved, the entire room was filled with a suffocating smell, as well as ear-piercing sounds.

Her nails were already clenched to the point that they were about to sink into her palms. Su Mingyu constantly reminded herself that she couldn't be held hostage by anger right now.

It was as if she had lost all sense of pain. She didn't even care that the blade was sinking deeper and deeper.

With both of her eyes completely red, Su Mingyu angrily glared at the man while gnashing her teeth, "If you want, then count me blind! I will remember today's shame, and in hell I will properly curse you so that you won't be able to sleep at night! "

As she finished speaking, Su Mingyu twisted her neck and ruthlessly struck towards the saber edge.

A bone-piercing cold came from his neck, and following that, warm blood gurgled out. Su Mingyu felt as if she had fallen into an ice-cold abyss, and the woman's screams slowly disappeared like the temperature of her body.


After an unknown amount of time had passed, Su Mingyu heard the sound of rain falling.

"Are you sure you want to bury it here? Isn't it too close? What if someone finds out? "

Su Mingyu suddenly opened her eyes and saw a tall and sturdy man dressed in shabby ancient clothing.

"Ah!" The corpse had been faked! "I've faked a corpse!

"Buddha bless us!" I was only asked by someone else not to come find me! "

Su Mingyu's brows tightly locked together. She wanted to flip over and grab that man, but the moment she moved, her entire body felt as if it were in disarray.

Looking at his loose cotton clothes, he felt a sharp pain in his temple.

Fragments of memories that didn't belong to her crazily rushed into her mind like a spring. The pain made Su Mingyu's vision go black and she fainted.

Once again, when he was conscious, Su Mingyu heard a trembling voice by her ear say:

"I really saw her open her eyes …"

"You said I would only bury corpses, I don't dare to kill you. You settle it yourself …"

Seeing the man's arrogant appearance, Su Yue Yue looked at Su Mingyu who was in the pit with disdain. "So what if I'm not dead?" If I can kill her once, I can kill her countless times! "

As she finished speaking, she pulled out a shiny saber and jumped into the pit, fiercely stabbing at Su Mingyu's heart.

Just as the saber was about to pierce through it, Su Mingyu suddenly opened her eyes.

He quickly grabbed onto the blade and turned his left hand into a claw, grabbing onto Su Yue's white and tender neck.

"You are cruel, my good sister."

Seeing Su Mingyu wake up all of a sudden, Su Yuyue couldn't help but tremble in fear, and her small face flushed red from holding in her emotions.

"Ming..." Bright Jade... "What are you talking about? I wanted to save you …"

Su Mingyu cast a sidelong glance at the blade she was holding, and looked at Su Yue with a smile that was not a smile, "You brought a blade to save me?"

Su Yue's forehead was covered in sweat as she struggled to breathe, and frantically tried to break Su Mingyu's hand.

Hadn't Su Mingyu always been someone she couldn't carry around? Why did he have so much strength now?

"I... I was trying to untie you... "Rope."

Su Mingyu coldly snorted and released her hand. Su Yue fell to the ground, gasping for air.

With a flip of her hand, she quickly took the knife and cut the hemp rope on her arm. Then, like a little chick, she grabbed Su Yue's collar and stood up. "Thank you so much. It's time to go back."

Su Mingyu lifted her foot and walked forward, walking past the dumbstruck burly man, the short blade in her hand slashing across his neck.

Hot blood sprayed out from the wound, spraying onto Su Yue's body before she could react.

Su Yue's eyes widened in fear. Only after a long time did she finally let out a scream of disbelief from the depths of her throat.

Even though she was usually vicious, she was still a woman from her room. This was the first time she had seen such a bloody scene, and she really couldn't stand the thrill.

As she looked hazily at Su Mingyu's stern back, deep fear remained in Su Yue's beautiful eyes.

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