Top Agent In Ancient Days Book

novel - Historical Romance

Top Agent In Ancient Days

Zui Li Lun Dao

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The top agents of the 21st century accidentally crossed over. In her previous life, she had lived for scum. In this life, she was determined to become a rich and unrestrained immortal. But what Su Mingyu didn't expect was that in the middle of her journey, a person had suddenly appeared. This old man who was almost ten years older than him always had a smile plastered on his face. She wanted to rely on the idea of 21st century clothing design to get money, this Gu Ruobai in the blink of an eye to monopolize her fabric merchant, became her biggest boss. She thought of herself as a new agent in the world, a boss. However, Gu Ruoyun had somehow found out about this, and she'd sent him a steady stream of heads. After a long period of time, her organization could only receive a few people who wanted to take revenge on the thieves. What about the crippled prince?! You don't have to lie like that!