Too Close to Be Yours Book

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Too Close to Be Yours


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Everyone has scars, pasts, and painful realities that they are fighting for deep down within themselves. But sometimes pain is never enough and there come moments when you just can't stand the universe. After six years of constant failure, consistent trying, and disappointment, Claire was hopeless when it came to finding Markus. Devoted her youth in just one task yet became one of the successful personality of the business world. Always void of emotions and only one person she ever had as a family, she never lived her life. But things started to get excited when Ryan came barging into her life with only being 20 minutes late. It's the story of two completely different souls, hunting through the stages of love, bickering, and painful pasts, only to crave for each other. A story that held two souls too close to each other yet so far from each other. But will Claire ever be able to love someone after Scarlett and Markus? Can she ever face Ryan with her truth? What that truth even was? But the real question was that how much could Ryan actually take? And what if someone endangers their lives when love becomes inevitable? **************