Tokisaki Kurumi Traveling Other Worlds

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My Name

Chapter 3

[5 minutes earlier]

[Third and First person perspective]

What the heck! I clearly remember that the light novel said "bombard the monster" but this is not a bombardment! This is a rain of {Fireball}s!

My vitality and life force is clearly in the red from using {Zafkiel} on the undead, I still have some reiryoku left from flying above the undead but other than that I have nothing. It is probably not possible for me to use {Toki Hami no Shiro} as undead don't have life force in the first place, so It looks like I only have one option left

As the {Fireball}s neared the ground, one word was shouted…

Unnamed Protagonist: {Elohim}!

Suddenly as if the world willed it to, a dress materialized on her body. Her hair changed shape as her twin tails arched up revealing a yellow eye with a clock seemingly in it. Her head, neck and arms were decorated with red and black garments. Her body was fitted with a black and crimson patterned dress that radiated the feeling of danger. This was the Spirit Dress of God's Authority Number 3 {Elohim} (Author: Yup the fandom helped a lot!)

As the barrage {Fireball}s hit the plains the one that hit the dress seemingly vanish as if they were not worthy to hit it's host, but every great thing comes with a cost as just using {Elohim} was costing a huge amount of time

So that is why Kurumi needed so much time! When I was watching the anime I was confused why she would go through the effort to kill 10000 people for their time. So that is why! It was because just an hour in her astrial dress could age a toddler into an old man!

But it is fine…

As I know…

That I…






Why am I back here?

Why am I back in the darkness?

There was no way that I died, as I knew that even though I ran low on life force I should still have some left…

Someone: Ara, ara so you were the person that took my body~

Unnamed Protagonist: K-k-kurumi!?

Kurumi: The one and only Onii-san~ though maybe not the one and only Kihihihi!

Unnamed Protagonist: W-w-what are you doing here!?

Kurumi: I am the one that should be asking that Onii-san~ what are you doing in my body? Though I think I know why, I want to directly hear the answer Shinomya-san~

Unnamed Protagonist: H-how do you know that name?!

Kurumi: {Rasiel}

Unnamed Protagonist: You have that!?

Kurumi: Yes~ and I used it to find all about you~ and do you know seeing your entire life be written in a book is a very bad experience, especially seeing myself falling in love with someone I planned to devour~

Unnamed Protagonist: Huh?! What? You gained {Rasiel} after you fell in love with Shido… don't tell me, you-

Kurumi: Seikai! I am not her~ I am the Kurumi from the beginning of what you call DAL volume 3

Unnamed Protagonist: S-so how do you hav-

Kurumi: Let's not mind the small details but I will say, your mastery is shared with me~

The darkness starts to brighten

Kurumi: Well~ it looks like we don't have much time left~ Shinomya-san~ I have a favor to ask of you… Please give me my own destiny!

Unnamed Protagonist: …

Kurumi: I want to be able to dictate my own life! Not have it be bound to a story! Please… I know that the universe I used to reside in is out there some where… Please… Break my story!

Unnamed Protagonist: …

Kurumi: Ah… I am out reiryoku… As expected… I am no longer the host of this body… I am fadi-

Unnamed Protagonist: NO YOU WILL NOT!!! No man of culture will let their waifu disappear and die when they are there!

As if by instinct (s)he knew what to do it may be because he had watched the anime over 10 times and readed the light novel hundreds of times but (s)he knew what must be done

Unnamed Protagonist: {Zafkiel}! Kurumi! I am going to devour you!

As (s)he said that a shadow appeared below Kurumi, and with white hands coming out of the shadow Kurumi was slowly being dragged in

Kurumi: Ara… it looks like… you are… really… becoming… me

Unnamed Protagonist: Of cource, because I am you

With a smile on her face Kurumi was dragged into the shadow, but was not devoured, not completely. As while Kurumi was gone (s)he decided to merge their memories, hoping that later on in the future (s)he can maybe revive her

As the world turned bright again (s)he finally woke up and found him(her)self inside a luxurious and royal looking bedroom

Unnamed Protagonist: Ara~ where am I

With those words being said, and old looking man rushed into the room

Fluder: Oh great one, she who peered into the abyss of magic! This unworthy one had noticed that you needed care, so I brought you back to the empire!

Unnamed Protagonist: Ara? Thank you Ojisan~

Fluder: This one is not worthy of your thanks. Ms Archmage if it is fine can you accept me as you disciple?! I want to take my next step in the realm of magic!

Unnamed Protagonist: Sure~ but my name is not Ms Archmage, my name is…

Tokisaki Kurumi

This is not canon but I don't care, I will be calling all magic casters that are above tier-5 an archmage. Why? Because it sounds cool. Also long chapter because I got long lunch today :)

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