Tokisaki Kurumi Traveling Other Worlds

A man of culture wants to be reincarnated as his favorite waifu World that might be visited Overlord (current) Date a Live Nasuverse [fate] Re:zero Gate Jojo [Stardust Crusaders] More~ All characters belong to their respective authors The cover is not mine as it is from the anime

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Chapter one


That is all I see

In the infinite expanse of darkness I wander alone

It is rare for me to have a lucid dream as the last one that I can remember would be years ago

So now what, what do I do? Usually in lucid dreams there are things to interact with, like in my last lucid dream when I was running away from a certain pink haired girl who can seemingly look into the future


Ugh… Begone thots! … No, no I mean thoughts, I don't want to remember that again

What should I do now? Stand here and wait? No, that would be too boring. I wish I could wake up soon, or atleast have someone to talk to.

Suddenly a sudden light illuminated the darkness. The light shined so bright that it looked like the oversized bang all over again (Author: No this is an original(ish) FF that I made, I did not translate it. Oversized bang is a reference and not cultivation level translation)

Mysterious Voice: You called?

Light started to condense towards the singularity of the illumination and formed an androgynous figure (Author: Androgynous = Astofle )

Unnamed Protagonist: Eyeiii!!! Who are you? A NPC in my dream?

Mysterious figure: No, I am not an NPC but… Kono Dio Da!

Unnamed protagonist: Ohh… My subconscious

As of course I am probably the only one who thinks these things

Mysterious figure: Suuuuuure buddy, well anyways you wanted someone to talk to right? Well what better person to talk to than your subconscious!

Unnamed protagonist: As expected of me. Sasuga me-sama

Unnamed protagonist: So you *giggles* k-know what happened next

Mysterious figure: What!? What!? WHAT!?

Unnamed protagonist: I told him the real goal of life… Is that *giggles* The Goal Of All Life Is Death!!!

Mysterious figure: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! That was a good one! Do you have more?

Unnamed protagonist: You know, I am starting to doubt if you really are my subconscious as you *giggles* would have already known this

Mysterious figure: Well yeah I am a godds- *giggles* Wait wait *giggles* Let me recover…

I am a goddess!

Unnamed protagonist: Alright goddess-sama where are you going to isekai me to? I have read too much fanfiction and watched all of the anime to know where this is going. (Author: Watching the reincarnation with a second job class as a sage was a nightmare!!!)

Mysterious figure: yup now state your 3 wishes and blah blah blah you know where this is going don't you

Unnamed protagonist: Yeah Yeah, it is big brain time, and don;t be as dumb as Aladdin when he was offered the same opportunity

Mysterious figure: Yeah! You are so right! Well time to tell me your wishes

Unnamed protagonist: Ok, I will make my wishes simple, as it may or probably not help me in the future…

Unnamed protagonist: First, I want invisible speakers that have access to every song in existence

Mysterious figure: First we have In Another World With My Smartphone and now we have in another world with my speakers… My disappointment is immeasurable and my night is ruined.

Unnamed protagonist: Urusai! For my next wish, I want the ability to have mastery over everything I wield

Mysterious figure: Smart. Now moving to your last wish, but wait! I know what your last wish is… It is a system right!

Unnamed protagonist: Nooooooo!!! I hate systems! My true last with is for you to reincarnate me as my waifu!

Mysterious figure: … Ok understandable, have a nice day

Mysterious figure: Normally the world you would go to is part of the wishes but since what you said was soooooooo funny, I will do you a favor and reincarnate you in world OL-NW or to be specific the world of Overlord! Have fun!!!

Unnamed protagonist: Wait What this is real! I thought we were role playing!

Mysterious figure: Goodbye and maybe… see you soon!

Unnamed protagonist: Uahhhhhhhh!

That day, a man named Shinomya died

I just watched Love is War third season so that is why I named the main character as Shinomya on impulse lol

It is not going to be important

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