Chapter 38: No Choice But to Endure (2)

Translator: 549690339

The car was very quiet. In the silence, Steve Burton seemed a little dazed as he stared at Ruby Gregory's beautiful face, with a slight loss of focus.

He was three years older than her. When he was a little grown-up wearing a suit and trying to look cool, she happened to be wearing a soft pink princess dress and learning to walk in the Gregorys' yard.

Watching her maid leave, she slowly walked towards the fence that separated the two yards.

She had just learned to walk and her steps were still a bit shaky. After taking a few steps, she accidentally fell to the ground. She didn't mind the dirt and crawled using her hands and feet.

There was a large gap in the fence between the two yards. At just one-year-old, she crawled through the gap and into the Burtons' yard.