Chapter 37: Enduring Without a Choice (1)

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Steve Burton stopped his actions and gazed into Ruby Gregory's eyes. After a moment, he said, "You want an invitation to my birthday party, don't you? Sleep with me now, and I'll have Wenny Burton send you an invite!"

How did he know she wanted an invitation to his birthday party? Could it be that he already knew her true purpose for going to the Burtons to see Wenny Burton?

Although she didn't know what had annoyed Steve Burton three years ago, based on his current attitude towards her, he probably never intended to invite her to his birthday party.

Originally, her plan was to bypass Steve Burton and ask Wenny Burton for an invitation, so she wouldn't be humiliated by not being able to attend his birthday party and become a laughingstock.

However, now he saw through her little scheme.

If he were to intervene, Wenny Burton would definitely not give her an invitation to his birthday party...