Chapter 36 Birthday Invitation (8)

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Steve Burton's tone had a touch of maliciousness, causing Ruby Gregory's silhouette to slightly sway.

"Steve, how can you talk like that!" Wenny Burton couldn't believe that Steve would say such ruthless words, her tone filled with reproach.

Steve Burton didn't bother to respond to Wenny's reprimand. He turned around and strode past Ruby, leaving the painting studio.

Wenny looked at Ruby somewhat awkwardly and said, "Ruby, Steve may be in a bad mood and said some harsh words. Don't take it to heart..."

Ruby managed to shake her head at Wenny, forcing a smile, and said, "Wenny, I'm going first."

Ruby quickly left the entrance of the Burton's house before she dared to lower her head, revealing a hurt expression on her face.

Did he hate her so much that he didn't even want her to come to his home...?

When he faced irrelevant people, he would only show a cold and distant attitude at most. But when facing her, he always attacked her with harsh words.