Chapter 35 Birthday Invitation (7)

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"Yes, but this morning, Ms. Gregory came."

Steve's movement to pick up the vegetables with his chopsticks paused slightly: "Ms. Gregory?"

"Ms. Ruby Gregory." The servant filled Steve with soup: "Ms. Gregory brought some vegetables over this morning and is now with the young lady in the painting studio upstairs."

Steve's brows furrowed a little, but he said nothing.

The servant set the silverware and stepped aside, "Mr. Steve, shall I go upstairs and call the young lady and Ms. Gregory down for dinner?"

Steve didn't respond, picked up the vegetables with his chopsticks, and chewed a couple times before stopping the servant who was about to go upstairs, "Wait."

The servant turned around, looking somewhat puzzled.

Steve put down his chopsticks, stood up: "I'll go."

Without waiting for the servant to react, he got up and headed directly upstairs.