Chapter 34 Birthday Invitation (6)

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Once again, the topic was brought up, and Ruby Gregory felt somewhat numb to it. Her face still held a faint, calm smile as she did not respond.

Wenny Burton seemed to realize that she had brought up something she shouldn't have. She gave an awkward smile and apologized, "Ruby, why did I bring that up…"

"Wenny…" Ruby interrupted her as if nothing had happened, "Have you been painting all these years?"

Ruby had learned many things since she was young, with painting being her strongest skill. Wenny later became fascinated with painting, but due to her limited talent, her paintings always lacked a certain touch. So, she would always ask Ruby for help with modifications.

Wenny knew Ruby was trying to change the subject and immediately followed along, "I still paint occasionally, but after you left, all my paintings became half-finished."