Chapter 32 Birthday Invitation (4)

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Steve Burton stared at the desolation in Ruby Gregory's eyes, his lips pursed tightly, and his tone suddenly became somewhat somber: "Alright, you all can get back to work."

Olivia Foster and Ruby Gregory walked out of Steve's office one after the other, Olivia giving Ruby a smug look before walking gracefully to her seat and taking a seat.

Ruby lowered her eyes. From the beginning to the end, she had always overestimated her influence on Steve.

She had thought that even though he had inexplicably abandoned her three years ago, they had more than 20 years of shared history and he wouldn't bring too much humiliation upon her!

But today, she saw Olivia cling to and flirt with Steve, and not only did he not get angry, but even his criticism was so light and breezy; even when Olivia wanted two different flavored cakes, he indulged her.

And what about her, Ruby Gregory?