Chapter 31 Birthday Invitation (3)

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Upon Olivia Foster's mention, Ruby Gregory suddenly remembered that it was indeed Steve Burton's birthday.

As for Steve Burton's birthday invitation... Ruby Gregory secretly glanced at Steve. He had not mentioned it in front of her.

Naturally, Ruby couldn't tell Olivia that she hadn't received the birthday invitation. So, seeing her smug expression, Ruby just smiled and chose to remain silent, giving Olivia an ambiguous answer.

Assuming that Ruby had already received Steve's birthday party invitation, Olivia turned her head away and stopped paying attention to Ruby: "Steve, have you booked your birthday cake?"

Steve seemed quite interested in the topic and directly closed his computer: "I don't arrange my birthday parties; my older sister always does. However, speaking of that, I suddenly remember that my sister said she would order several different flavors of cake this time. After all, everyone has different tastes. Olivia, what flavor do you prefer?"