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To Strike A God


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This is a masterpiece!!! I loved it since the first sentence , Romance, action , imagination all in one bundle . This is just beautiful. Nice work Author. Waiting for another chap!

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Not a fan of romance novels but it's very good! I love some action and murder when I read! I love different universes and worlds when I read! It gives me lots of imagination! Keep up the good work!


Awesome read! I read the first ten chapters so far, and I can say that the story is action-packed, there’s no shortage of humorous one-liners, and it has a rather spicy if ruthless femme fatale as its protagonist. Despite the abundance of blazing guns, giant mutated angler fish and heavily weaponized strippers, the chapters have a surprising amount of depth to them; courtesy of the many references to both contemporary pop culture and ancient Greek mythology. The same depth can be attributed to the lore of the story-world, although much of it remains implied throughout the story’s background and the actions of its characters. The book is obviously still work in progress, but if you can look past the occasional typo or grammar error, I’d say the story so far is definitely worth the read.


The story oozes adrenaline. It is a fast-paced work. Something is happening in every chapter. Couldn't put it down. The plot is intriguing and the story is moving logically. Author, please keep updating, I want to read more!


This piece is written in detail and hooked readers with the words play. You would find yourself immersed in the story that you wanted more. Good job, author!


Wow!!! This is a great piece of art, I don't know why this has not gotten 100k views already. Although I just begin, goosebumps are already running over my skin. Nice one authored, hope you would continue with this pace.


Not a fan of sci-fics but this really got me hooked. interesting synposis and intriguing characters. I think i am already in love with the FL.


Simply put - brilliant. I was skeptical at first, as I haven't really read much webnovel stuff before. The world building and character designing is absolutely brilliant! I also love the story. The characters are unique and have their own things, makes me so immersed into the book. The writing could be better - I mean that as there's quite noticeable amount of typos. That's my only gripe, though. I'm still giving 5 stars in writing quality as the wording and sentence building is beautiful. From what I've seen, the Author seems to be extremely keen on their work! Chapters come at a good pace and at top notch quality. Every time I get a notification for a new chapters I'm already there!


It's a wonderful piece of writing. The action just keeps you wanting more. I personally like the writing style a lot and I look forward to more awesome chapters from the author


This book is packed with tension flow, be ready to be overwhelmed and intrigued... it isn't just your regular day novel but it is a must-read if you love adventures... Don't forget to add to your library!


Reveal spoiler


I am in love with Athena; I want to just pull her out of the book and call her my wife. Neil is also a fascinating character and I love their non-romantic interactions. The world setting is better than most sci-fi movies and novels I've read, I love it! This novel is a sci-fi treasure and I really hope more people get to enjoy it soon. The plot runs smoothly and the action scenes are vivid enough that I can see it play out as a movie in my head as I read. Would love some character art in chapter comments. Overall, I look forward to seeing more updates, meanwhile, I'll be checking out your other book.


The action begins with the very first chapter. 🦋 The female lead doesn’t seem to be emotional at all… Some chapters were perfectly described, but I was reading it with a poker face on… It was well described of what they were doing, not too detailed, and letting us to imagine it for ourselves, yet some parts lacked emotions and some dialogues were too long. I don’t wanna give necessary reference of what this novel reminds me of, but it does a perfect job by standing out. 👏🏻 Work on describing your character’s emotions a little bit more, and don’t rush your story, it seems promising. 🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋


I am really liking this novel, what can I say other than I dont like things moving slow and this read is anything but! please keep it up I want to read more fam!!


The writing was so immersive even with just reading the first chapter you'll be totally hook by it. The writing was perfect as well as the characters I'll totally be reading more of this