To Love a Monster Book

novel - Fantasy

To Love a Monster


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He is a dark abyss—it should not be so tempting to fall in. *** To be a Lock is to be a conductor between ordinary and abnormal, between reason and insanity. It is to be a keyhole that lets one peek into the Great Beyond, and a part of the door that opens the world. It is to be sought, and hunted, and seduced by all who crave power. The magic is unnatural to this world, yet humans still fly towards arcane knowledge like moths towards a flame. Creatures of nightmares prowl just beyond the veil that protects the fragile minds of mortals, taking their pick of helpless prey. Maya Alvarez has no reasons to think she’s different from other people. No reasons, except for a single incident in her past. All she wants is to write her books and one day, maybe, become famous. Until her best friend goes missing, and Maya has no choice but to admit—she’s not insane. The world is. The pair of eyes darker than a starless night falls on Maya, and shadows surround her to never let go.