609 The Sweet Hug

"We have some left, here," said Jae-Hwa and pushed the container of Kimbap close to him.

"Thank you, Jae!" Jung-Hwa gobbled up a piece with his hand.

"I want one too," said Jeong-Eun and jumped on the container.

"Yeah, of course. Why won't you want one?" teased Nivritti.

Jeong-Eun looked at her with his mouth full of Kimbap. She was again teasing him as Jae-Hwa gave the container to Jung-Hwa. He narrowed his eyes and scrunched his nose at her. Nivritti stifled her laughter and looked at her laptop.

"What are you reading?" Kyung-Soo suddenly appeared behind her.

"What else, script!" she teased him.

He moved his hand close to her and reached for the laptop. Nivritti wanted to smile but controlled her face.

"Just sit down, NK! Take a breath. We can read scripts later," scolded Korain.

"Sorry, Hyung!" said Kyung-Soo and he sat back down. He wanted to be close to Nivritti, but Korain scolded him, and he had to leave.


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