571 The Soothing Hug

Korain and Young-Chul came back with a lot of things. They brought some soup, some medicine, hot green tea and a big packet with them.

"Drink this first," ordered Korain.

"This is best for cold and cough. SK Hyung made it himself," said Young-Chul.

"SK! You didn't have to…" protested Nivritti.

"Just drink!!" snapped Korain, annoyed. Why didn't Nivritti listen to him? He wanted to take care of her, and she was a naysayer.

"Sorry, jeez!" said Nivritti and brought the bowl of soup closer to herself. She took off the lid and steamy air hit her nose. Even with a stuffy nose, she could smell all the ginger and garlic.

"And have this tea with it," said Young-Chul and handed her a cup. They both sat next to Nivritti and made her drink tea and soup. After she was done, they didn't even want to hear thank you from her mouth.

They opened the packet for her a beautiful off-white overcoat came out of the packet.


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