572 The Necessary Talk

It was high time that Him-Chan stopped staring at Nivritti from afar and did something about his heart and his feelings. He came running and saw Kyung-Soo pulling Nivritti towards him. She too was comfortable with that. It broke his heart.

He stood outside listening to them. He felt jealous and sad. He wanted to be the one to comfort her which was the reason he remained behind. But he was not going to lose hope. Maybe he had his chance. Finally, he plastered a smile on his face and entered inside. 

Kyung-Soo was the one who saw him first and was shocked, "what are you doing here JH? I told you all to leave."

"Yeah, they all left. I thought I could help you both," smiled Him-Chan.

"That is good. Three are better than two," smiled Nivritti.

"But I wanted to spend some time alone with you," thought Kyung-Soo.


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