548 The Info About ASD

Young-Chul was not done he had so much more to say. "If new people work like this, then I say let's fire every person in this department and hire new blood. You talk about her experience, do you have any idea which company she used to work for?

"What shocks me is you were happy when Kat scolded her. That day no one came to her help and when King helped her you are against her? What kind of stupid people do you have in your department Choi-ssi?" asked Young-Chul.

"Yeah, tell me about it," snapped Chung-Ho.

"I really want to strangle all of them," said Young-Chul.

"Okay! Enough! Everyone! MY! Come with me," Nivritti grabbed Young-Chul and started dragging him with her.

"No! They need…" he snapped.


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