586 The Constant Hugging

Nivritti kept staring at everyone and everyone kept staring at her.

"What?" asked Nivritti.

"How did you…" asked Korain, shocked. "You… fast, how?"

"You think I have ideas stored somewhere in the back of my mind. You give me scenarios then only I can work on that," she replied.

"Girl! You…" Young-Chul paused. He couldn't complete his sentence. He was too surprised. He just walked up to her and hugged her in excitement and wonder. 

"Woah!" Nivritti froze with shock. In fact, everyone froze with shock. They had never seen Young-Chul hugging anyone before. The man who hated physical touch, himself went and hugged someone that too in front of everyone. After a second, he realised that he had done something that no one could have predicted. 

He released Nivritti from his embrace and looked at everyone's reaction. He was slightly embarrassed with how everyone was looking at him.

"So, Hu-ssi what do you think? PR team! Can we start a poll?"


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