591 The Cheating

"What are you doing here, Ritvik?" Nivritti asked. Her hands were shivering with fear. How did Ritvik catch up with her?

"Can we talk, privately?" Ritvik spoke up.

"No!" screamed Nivritti. She gulped with fear and licked and lips, "whatever you want to say, say it now. I have to leave!" and she knelt down to pick up her purse and her phone.

When her hands touched her phone, immediately Ritvik knelt down and touched her hands. She jerked his hands away and stood up abruptly.

"What do you think you are doing?" she snapped at him.

"Helping you, what else?" he smiled at her.

"Ha-ha," suddenly Nivritti heard someone laughing. She looked up and saw two people from her department. "Oh, Nivritti! Still here?" asked one of them.

"Yes," she smiled at them. "Just ready to leave."

"Who is this?" asked the second one from her department.

"I am her…" said Ritvik.


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