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How difficult it is to open one's heart after someone betrays them? This is my story about Nivritti who has locked her heart after a betrayal but finds love in a famous idol but the catch is he is younger than her. Will they find love in each other? To those who have read the story, left a review, have given me a power stone, thank you so much. Keep reading and enjoy.

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I love anything K–! The theme is beautiful, and the blurb struck me as sweet but when I read the first chapter I had a strong feeling it would be powerful and sweet. And love that the girl is indian! Also I was so relieved with how neat and easy your write up was! Keeping pushing author, you can do it!


This is an amazing romantic story on the backdrop of kpop scene. This would be fun to read as FL is elder than ML. the story development is good and character design is awesome. Keep updating author.


turns out to be a romantic story between an older woman and a young man! The love between a famous idol and an ordinary woman is really interesting! I've added it to the library and will continue reading it again.


the chapters are good, no info dump, fast paced and interesting !!!! webnovel is dead if this novel is not ranked among top books, lol 😆 kudos to you, author


Am in love with this book sincerely, Weldon work Author keep it up kudos to you Author


How should I explain this story? The characters are excellent. The pacing of story is marvellous. The description used by writer is on point. I want to read more and more about the FL. I will wait for her backstory eagerly. In the meantime, author is doing a very good job


World setting: Very realistic and on point. I could easily see this as either an anime or tv series. It was cute and very well described. I was somewhat confused about why the FL had to run away and I was lost a bit on how easy it was for her to leave everything behind. I would have loved a little more explanation. However, I could vividly see the characters place of work and the stairway of kissing. All in all the world setting flowed very well. 4 stars Character design and development: The author gave chapter one as a descriptor of her characters. I thought this unique and a good way to keep readers up to date on her characters. Sadly, I did find myself looking for more descriptions of the characters inside the actual chapters though. And then I became super excited when I got one as the author does explain things well when details are given. The progression and the back and forth between the FL and ML was great! So although I wished for a bit more detail sometimes, the Development won this section. 5 stars Plot: As I only read 10 chapters I can’t say for certain what my thoughts are regarding plot. This story has great potential however and I’m excited to see where it goes. With only the first 10 chapters in mind, 5 stars. Writing style: What I normally have issues with, when it comes to novels on WebNovel is the sentence and word structure. I have a hard time getting past chapter one normally. While there were some areas that this happened, it was pretty mild. Sadly, the author does tend to suffer from mild Repetition. The author reused the same words several times. As an example, the word ‘idea’ was used 3 times in a short three sentence paragraph and a total of 13 times in one chapter. This is an easy fix however and just takes a bit of work to rectify. One last thing in this section, the author worked the end of the chapter into the beginning of the next chapter. So it was a constant repeat at the beginning of the chapter. It’s a bit off putting that they repeat the last scene, in the beginning of each new chapter. (See what I did here? Lol) It makes me want to skip paragraphs. For this I have to give this section 3 stars. Overall: it’s a great read. While there were some moments that could use editing and a bit of rework, the story itself and its character progression were beautiful. I’ve added it to my read list and will continue when I’ve found some more time. There were simple things that I truly enjoyed. As an example, the author used the characters of her book to explain why things were in English. I thought this was very smooth and a very smart way to explain the English transition while they’re in a different country. Overall, I’m happy with this novel and it gets 4.25 out of 5 stars.


Such a sweet, beautiful romance story. The synopsis caught my attention and then decided to check the book out. I'm in for the rest chapters. The book progression is enthralling. Well done, author.


You are doing a fantastic job author. I really appreciate you putting your time and emotions in this book.[img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend] Continue with the good work.


This novel has great settings, development, and storyline, I already got deeply engrossed in it even though I'm not a huge fan of romance novels. P.S: This is a huge recommendation for romance lovers The author is doing a great job.


wow, i love the storyline which is about romance with idols! what's more the ML is younger than FL! huaa, i love it! good job author has made this sweet novel’🫶🏻


Well, I m actually thinking that now that she has moved to Korean, she will fall in love with a Korean guy. Korean movie has alwys been fascinating so I bet this one would be too. Good job author.❤️


Nice plot the character are well played there is only few grammatical error still yet it is interesting......... .................................... .


I enjoyed reading the book till now. The premise of the book is intriguing. Great characters, excellent situations, lovey-dovey scenes, made my heart flutter. It's a sweet romantic story I will recommend to everyone.


I loved the concept of this story. An idol falling for a comman girl is like a dream to so many kpop fans. Author has done a great job by incorporating elemys of kpop in the book like idol's stage name. The romantic element is heart-tugging. All in all a good book


I like the uniqueness of this story. The characters are both intriguing and highly detailed. I seriously recommend this novel. Keep up the good work 👍I'm rooting for you 😊


This is an amazing book. The meet cute of FL and ML was sexy and sweet. The story is very well woven around k-pop scene. I lived reading every chapter till now. Good going author


This story is like a K-drama. I loved the premises and characters of the story. The writing quality is superb. I want to read more about the FL and ML and find out what happens in their life.


This is a refreshing concept that should be noticed more in the field of redundant storytelling. I like the uniqueness shown by each of the characters. I was just kind of not used to the Korean names because I've never encountered such names in my 11 years of stanning Kpop lol but overall, the story is dreamy and beautiful.