1 Character depiction

Nivritti Rathod – An Indian girl with long black hair who joins K&Q Media company as Script Coordinator. She works for the ASD boyband.

Nam Kyung-Soo – A tall handsome man who is the leader of ASD. His stage name is King. He is the most respected idol in South Korea.

Shin Korain – The oldest member of the ASD. His beautiful facial features and angelic voice are the talks of the town. His stage name is Coin.

Man Young-Chul – The sassiest member of the ASD. Everyone is scared of him as he always speaks his mind. He is the song producer of the group. His stage name is Young.

Joh Him-Chan – The sweetest member of the ASD. His dancing skills are so sharp that his one movement is enough to kill a person. His stage name is Johan.

Pae Jeong-Eun – The cutest of the seven ASD members. He is a jack of all trades. He can dance, he can sing, he can choreograph, he can compose. That's why his stage name is One.

Kang Thae – The most handsome member of ASD. Girls die just to get a glimpse of him. His stage name is Kat.

Jee Jung-Hwa – The maknae (the youngest member of the group). He is the naughtiest among all. He is the most loved idol in South Korea. His stage name is June.

Hu Bong – A sweet, middle-aged man who is the CEO of the company. He treats all the band members as his kids. He started the company from scratch and now it is one of the most successful companies in Korea.

Choi Chung-Ho – A middle-aged man who is the best in his field. He works as a story producer for the K&Q company. He takes Nivritti under his wing.

San Jae-Hwa – A beautiful girl who works under Nivritti. She is a scriptwriter like her but is inexperienced.

Seong Dae – A man in his early forties. He is the script Editor for ASD. Though Nivritti works under Choi Chung-Ho, Seong Dae is her immediate supervisor.

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