To Kiss An Idol

Running from her past, Nivritti joins a new job in South Korea as a Script Coordinator in K&Q Media Company. She works for a successful K-pop boyband. On her first day, she is kissed by the leader of that boy band. The problem is, she is five years older than him. Will that kiss grow into a relationship or will be forgotten by both of them? ***** She tried to pull her wrists, but she failed. She looked at him and again tried to pull her hands but in vain. “Yes, you do. You have been licking your lips since you started talking. I think it’s an unconscious gesture that you don’t know about,” informed Kyung-Soo. “Will you please let go of my hands?” she pulled again but Kyung-Soo tightened his grip. Without hearing her he continued, “and by distracting, I mean that I really want to hear what you have to say but because of your lips all I can think of is this... He pulled her wrists pulling her close to him, moved one of his hands on her waist and another one on the back of her neck and softly placed his lips on hers and kissed her.

DaoistxYTRJ0 · Urban
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[Bonus chapter/ Taking leave]

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