134 The Final Game (Part 2).

Justin felt like the main character of a cheap detective story. The hood of his sports jacket completely covered his head, he put wide sunglasses on. He did everything to be inconspicuous, but he did not understand how he had miscalculated. Whether it was his concentrated look with which he was watching the girls leaving the arts building, or his red Ferrari, on the hood of which he was leaning, but each girl cast glances in his direction with varying degrees of interest. Except one. She didn't even notice him.

"Kelly!" He called out to the red fury when she came outside.

The girl glanced at him briefly and moved on.

"Kelly Ohara!" Justin unstuck himself from the car and quickly caught up with the girl, walking next to her. "It is rude to ignore someone when they approach you."

"I'm not a dog to react every time to my name from the lips of a stranger."


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