33 Ichibi vs Team 7, a Fight for Survival


Sasuke plunged his hand into the side of a ninja before grabbing a kunai and quickly impaling said ninja in the head.

Sasuke jumped backwards before spotting another ninja nearby.

'Fire Style: Fireball Jutsu.'

Sasuke breathed out a ball of fire that shot forward before striking the unsuspecting ninja.

He landed back on the ground before something grabbed the back of his shirt and pulled him back, allowing a few shuriken to fly through where he had landed.

"Wind Style: Gale Palm!" Naruto exclaimed before shooting his palm forward, releasing a stream of wind that knocked several kunai and shuriken off course and lost their momentum.

Sasuke quickly went through signs.

'Lightning Style: Lightning Orbs!'

Eight orbs of electricity surrounded Sasuke before they shot forward, their target the ninja that had attacked them.

"How you holding up?"

"I'm still running on nearly full. However, all of the clones are starting to give me a massive headache from the large amount of memories. You?"

"I've got about 2 more Chidoris left before I won't have enough chakra." He informed.

Out of all of Sasuke's techniques, Chidori takes the most by a landslide. He could use his Fireball techniques about 30 times before the cost became too much but with the Chidori, he could only just manage 4 attempts.

Sasuke took a quick look around the stadium.

"It looks like Leaf Jonin are starting to drive back the Sand and Sound ninjas."

"Really?" Naruto made another 2 clones that intercepted more kunai before charging in that direction. "That great news. Things seem-"

At that moment, a loud explosion drew both of their attentions and caused them to look in that direction.

A large sand limb was pulling away from the arena's wall, revealing that it was heavily destroyed. Off to the side, both boys noticed Suki stagger slightly.

"I think it's too late!" Naruto exclaimed in shock.

"Get to Suki. We need to regroup and plan." Sasuke spoke.

Both boys dashed forward until the ground in front of them was struck by a large amount of sand. The force from the impact created enough wind to send both of the flying backwards.

"Gaah!" Both yelled in surprise.

They slid on their backs before stopping about 30 feet away from the impact site. Both of them slowly got up and were met with a sight that they almost were frozen from shock.

The large pile of sand began shifting and growing taller before taking the shape of some kind of animal and stood taller than the stadium.

"Wha-what is that!?" Sasuke yelled.

Naruto, however, noticed something that caused his eyes to widen.

The sand creature was staring straight at Suki.

"Do try to preserve your insignificant life." The sand creature spoke. "After all, I'm looking forward to watching your blood slowly flow through my sand."

"Suki!" Naruto exclaimed, scrambling to his feet.


Both could only watch as a large amount of sand shot forward towards Suki at a speed they knew that they couldn't dodge if they were in her place.

Suki brought her arms up in a guard position.


Whatever she was saying, it was cut off by the sand crashing into her position.

"Suki!" Sasuke cried out.

Naruto crossed his fingers.

"Multi Shadow Clone Jutsu!" He roared out before the entire stadium gained a cloud of smoke.

"Wind Style:" What sounded like hundreds of voices speaking at the same time called out. "Gale Palm!"

The cloud shot out of the stadium before a loud smash was heard.

Once people could see, very few people would be able to say that they weren't surprised.

Because in an instant, there were hundreds of Narutos and the large sand Tanuki was halfway into the wall.

"Wind Style: Wind Blade!"

Hundreds of blades of wind shot into the Tanuki but weren't cutting through the sand, only for the Ichibi to start moving.

The Tanuki opened his mouth before destruction occurred.

A Gigantic volume of wind shot forward and destroyed a section of the stadium and over half of Naruto's clones.

And only worse followed, as the Ichibi seemed to prepare another one.

Suddenly, sand exploded off to the side.

"HAA!" A voice yelled out before something struck the Ichibi's side, creating an explosion with black flames exploding across the beast.

The force from the explosion caused the Ichibi to slide a little distance but didn't seem concerned about the flames of Amaterasu on its...sand skin.

It was clear why as the sand with the fire on it shifted off of the monster and created a pile of burning sand.

"Ah, so you did survive." The Ichibi spoke with a devilish smile before dropping slightly in what seemed disappointment. "But it looks like it won't be much longer until your body gives out."

Naruto clones started dispelling themselves, sending their memories back to Naruto, giving him a clear picture of what just happened.

"Suki...She's alive!" He exclaimed before gaining a shocked look as the memories from clones that were closer to her started filtering in.

Suki had broken out of a prison of sand with some strange blue skeleton from the ribs up surrounding her. After breaking out, one of the fists was covered in black and violet flames before she slammed it into the Ichibi's side, giving her room to breathe and prevent another devastating wind attack.

However, Naruto could see now that it came with a cost.

For one, her skin was starting to turn pink once more, meaning that Suki had opened at least Seimon [3] which is trouble by itself. After training with her for so long, Naruto and Sasuke had learned enough that the higher level gates can't be used as often as the lower level ones without a medic nearby to help heal the body. Until the body heals, it is risky to use the gates so close to each other.

And Suki had opened Tomon [5] not even half an hour ago and hadn't stopped fighting yet. Meaning Suki at minimum is tearing her muscles apart.

Second, she was bleeding from her eyes, something that Suki told them only happens when she pushes her Mangekyou abilities.

Finally, the skeleton avatar seemed to go from a strong blue before slowly fading to a weak blue before suddenly turning back to strong blue. It was a clear sign of starting to run low on Chakra and Naruto didn't like how Suki seemed to stumble slightly every few seconds, almost like she was about to fall over.

"Sasuke," Naruto spoke up since he had helped moved Sasuke out of the Ichibi's attack. When he saw him look at him, he continued. "I'm going to make more clones and try to distract that thing. The instant I do, you get Suki out of there. She looks like she's about to collapse."

Sasuke looked at Suki once more with his Sharingan.

"Makes sense. Looking at that skeleton thing, that is mostly just a large amount of chakra and after all of her gates and techniques, her chakra coils must be strained at the moment." He spoke aloud. "Meaning that she's in constant pain at the moment from two different sources. Her body is likely reaching its limit while her chakra coils are likely going to start being damaged soon."

"On three. 1-" Naruto started before Sasuke's eyes widened, catching something that Naruto hadn't seen.

Sasuke jumped towards him with his hands starting to stretch out as if to push him.

Naruto's head turned slowly to see why, only to see the Ichibi facing them with its mouth slowly opening.

The wind shot forward towards them, both knowing that they were going to be hit straight on and they couldn't get out of the way.

Blue blurred across the arena before all the two boys could hear was the sound of air shooting by them like an explosion.

They could hear the stone wall behind them groan before breaking, quickly followed by wood and metal from the stands, before finishing with the rubble a few seconds later.

Neither of the boys could see anything due to the large amount of dust the attack had caused but they were still able to recognize one important fact.

They were still alive, despite the amount of power they saw the attack had previously.

"Made...it..." A voice spoke, causing both boys to freeze and almost gave themselves whiplash from how quickly they swung their heads back in front of them. "Wasn't sure... for a moment."

The dust was slowly starting to settle but it felt like hours to the two, both having dozens of thoughts a second.

As it settled, the voice's figure started becoming more and more visible. The figure has several cuts along their legs but their back seemed fine but they couldn't make out their front since they couldn't see it. They had hair about halfway to their waist that seemed to spread out around them.

The figure turned their head around to look at them, making them feel horrified.

Suki had closed both eyes while wearing a small smile, all while heavily bleeding from her eyes and a small line of blood from her mouth.

"Sorry..." She told before her body gave out, sending her into unconsciousness before her body was caught by Sasuke.

Naruto's pupils contracted before his mind went black as well.


Sasuke held Suki before looking around, trying to find the best route to escape and get her to a medic.

A roar close by him caused him to snap his head towards the sound, only to see something that confused him.

Naruto was on all fours with some strange red aura around him with... three tails behind him.

Suddenly, Naruto launched forward, creating a shockwave that sent him and Suki flying away.

As he slid to a stop, he found himself in the large hole the attack from earlier caused in the arena.

Sasuke almost ran out immediately before remembering that he'd be leaving Naruto to face that thing alone since almost everyone else was still fighting the invaders.

He was torn before someone landed nearby.

"How's Suki?" Kakashi commanded.

Sasuke quickly told him about the gates and large amount of chakra she pushed out of her body.

"Get her out of here and towards the hospital. We've formed a perimeter around the building and have started taking care of injuries."

"Naruto is fighting Gaara by himself with some strange red cloak."

Kakashi's eyes narrowed. "Did you see how many tails this cloak had?"


"Hospital. Now." Kakashi dismissed before running towards the Stadium.

Sasuke didn't need to be told twice, running towards the hospital, inwardly praying to Kami that he'd make it in time.

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